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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-29 10:00:00

Is CM Punk coming to AEW or not?  It sure seemed like it last night.

Well, they made it pretty damn clear by saying everything but his name.  We have not heard Punk is 100% signed but unless you are completely oblivious, it's pretty obvious they have come to some sort of agreement and all signs are working together.   If AEW wasn't working on theme music, merchandise, licensing, etc, with him, I'd be gobsmacked.  If Punk hasn't signed, could WWE offer Punk 100 billion dollars or something to sign with them?  Sure.  Does that mean it's going to happen?  I look at it this way - he's been on the market since 2014 and they've never, ever attempted to mend the fences, so I don't believe it will happen now.

Any update on Bryan Danielson?

As we reported a few weeks ago, there are those within WWE who believe he's locked in with AEW.  If that's the case, I wouldn't bring him in until after they let the dust settle on CM Punk, so my guess is we'd see him at All Out at the earliest (if he's locked in), but again, we don't have anything 100% confirmed.  Let's not forget his Father-in-Law is in charge of WWE Talent, so it would be really, really easy for WWE to make that call if Danielson hasn't already locked himself in elsewhere.

Why the hell would WWE let these talents go elsewhere when WWE has more money than ever to spend if they wish?

That is a hell of a great question and I am pretty awe-struck that WWE wouldn't try and prevent either from signing with AEW or anywhere else.  I think it speaks about the position of power WWE believes they are in and that they look at things as if they are a battleship that is immune from being attacked from other ships.  Maybe they are, but I am amazed that WWE would let their last *great* return left in Punk just sign elsewhere, no matter what the history was.  Maybe Punk just doesn't want to go back there, especially since he'd have to be overseen by the same medical staff he spoke out about publicly.

If Punk comes to AEW, what happens to Colt Cabana?

Nothing, why should something happen?  Do you like or even talk to everyone you work with?  My guess is they will keep a far distance from the other and mind their own personal business, as should anyone in that situation.

What does AEW need to do to make the signings work?

If they come in, good creative and for the ratings to go up.  Those are the best ways to use any new assets.

Do you think WWE has reacted internally to AEW selling more tickets for their NYC debut than WWE has for their return?

Do you see John Cena announced for any other September dates?



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