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By Cory Strode on 2021-07-28 20:38:00

It's Wednesday, it's Fight for the Fallen, it's AEW Dynamite and we're in Charlotte North Carolina at the Bojangles Stadium. Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone and we start off with a video making Adam Page look like a Star, explaining what a cowboy is.

He and the Dark Order come to the ring, with the five men in the first match on the apron and the rest on the floor. Then, The Elite come to the ring with a Basketball style introduction to play off the NBA championships. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks even have basketballs and shoot baskets as they tell us to go see Space Jam. Don Callis joins commentary/

Adam Page, Evil Uno, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, and Stu Grayson vs Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Gallows and Anderson

On the back, Alex Marvez is with Pac who says that the Lucha Brothers had their car canceled, and Chavo and Andrade say they arranged for them to be brought to the arena in a limo.

A ten man tag with elimination rules, and Page and Omega start off. Before they hook up, Omega tags in Anderson. Omega attacks Page from behind and all 10 men are fighting in the ring. The Dark Order is able to suplex all of the Elite at once in the middle of the ring.

Alex superplexes Nick off the top turnbuckle into everyone on the floor.

Alex gets clotheslined in the corner one at a time by all of the Elite.

The Dark Order do the same thing to Gallows.

Anderson rolls up Alex with a handful of trunks. First elimination.

Anderson is eliminated by Stu after all of the Dark Order work him over.

Matt is being worked over by Silver as we go to picture in picture.

Matt keeps taking offense from Dark Order on the small screen.

When we come back, Matt has tagged in Gallows who is lifted for a backbreaker by Stu.

We then get a sequence where each member of each group come in and gets a move on the next member until Stu hits a twister press from the ropes onto the Elite.

Gallows and Stu fight into the crowd where they keep fighting until they are counted out.

Uno and Kenny are in the ring and Uno gets a near fall.

Omega gets a V Trigger and then a One Winged Angel and the pin, eliminating Uno.

Silver works over Matt and then Matt takes over and starts taunting Page.

Commercial Time.

When we come back, Silver has taken out the Elite and gets a near fall on Nick.

In the break, Page was power bombed onto the apron.

Brandon Cutler sets up the basketball hoop by the ring and the Bucks hit an Indytaker on the floor while slamming a basket.

The Bucks his a BTE Trigger and pin Silver.

It's now Page vs Omega and the Bucks.

Page is still dazed from the slam on the apron.

Page gets in and Omega gets face to face with him in the middle of the ring. Omega spits on him and then they throw hands.

They triple team him and hit a triple superkick party.

The Elite get a series of near falls as they hit Page with finishing moves.

Page gets the heroic comeback, taking out everyone outside the ring with a moonsault from the top.

Omega and Page fight it out in the middle of the ring.

Page hits a Buckshot Lariat on both Bucks and pins Nick.

Omega pulls shenanigans with his belts and Page nearly pins him after Omega misses with the belt attack.

Matt hits Page with a belt for a near fall.

Omega hits the One Winged Angel and pins Page.

Your winners: The Elite

Taz then introduces the new FTW Champion, Ricky Starks for their celebration. They have a brass band play him down to the ring, since Starks is from New Orleans. Starks cuts a promo about how he dealt with Cage not being dedicated to winning, and how when he broke his neck, Cage didn't check on him. Cage them comes to the ring and starts taking out the brass band. Cage brings a trombone into the ring and break it. Starks throws his roses into Cage's face and takes off.

JR Line: That Bass Drum Has A Family!

We then get a pre-tape from Hiroshi Tanahasi who is challenging for the IWGP US Championship!

FTR with Tully Blanchard vs Santana and Ortiz with Konnan

The Pinnacle all have matching track suits, but the rest of the Pinnacle go to the back after their introduction.

Ortiz and Wheeler start off the match and they they run the ropes. Wheeler gets caught up when leaping over Ortiz and rolls out of the ring. Harwood then tags in and Santana tags in. They hook up and go to throwing hands in the middle of the ring. Ortiz tags in and Wheeler comes in to get a tandem power bomb. Harwood gets a spinebuster and a near fall as we go to picture in picture.

Looks like Wheeler was legit hurt.

When we come back, it's Harwood and Santana and the pace picks up as they run the ropes and Santana is able to slam him, roll him outside and then hit a Tope on Wheeler outside the ring. They then double team Harwood and get a series of near falls on him. Ortiz works Harwood over in the corner and as Harwood starts fighting his way out, Wheeler come in and all four men are frighting until Ortiz and Wheeler fight to the outside. Santana gets a power bomb and a near fall on Harwood.

Ortiz tags in and gets dropped with a closed fist by Harwood. He is then taken to FTR's corner where Wheeler tags and and Ortiz is put on the top. Santana knocks Wheeler off the top and then goes after Harwood, who drops him with a DDT. Harwood then hits a superplex and both men have shoulders down for a two.

Harwood hits Ortiz with a brain buster and covers for a three count. The announcers say that Wheeler was hurt when knocked off the turnbuckle.

Your winners: FTR

In the back, Tony interviewed Britt Baker and she says that Nyla lost while she had a broken wrist. She says that Reba can't keep her from getting injured. She knows everyone is holding their breath waiting for her to fail, but they will suffocate while waiting.

We then get a pre-tape from Hiroshi Tanahashi who is challenging for the IWGP US Championship!

Tony Schiavone then comes to the ring and announces the second week of Rampage will be in Chicago for First Dance.

In the back, Alex Marvez talks to Darby Allin and Sting, and Darby says he will be there. He says he will be ready for anyone, even if you think you are the Best in the World.

Hikuleo with Haku vs Lance Archer (IWGP US Champion)

They start with Archer knocking Hikuleo into the corner and then working him over there. Hikuleo then is able to grab and power bomb Archer for a two count. Archer is able to start throwing hands and Hikuleo is able to get another power slam on Archer. The fight goes to the outside as we go to picture in picture

These two guys are both huge and everything they do is impressive due to their size. Hikuleo controls the fight outside the ring on the small screen. Archer is able to take control and Haku gets in some attacks on Archer outside the ring. Hikuleo is able to reassert control and keep up the pressure outside the ring. They go back in the ring and Archer is able to get a blindside clothesline and a big boot and them starts a series of short arm clotheslines.

Archer then walks the ropes and hits a moonsault onto Hikuleo. Archer tries to get up for the black out, but Hikuleo is able to block it so Archer instead hits a superplex. Archer then hits the Black Out and covers for the three count.

Your winner and still IGWP US Champion, Lance Archer

Archer will now go to New Japan to defend against Tanahashi.

In the back, Alex is with Cody and asks him about his match next week with Malakai Black, but Malakai shows up and ambushes Cody before he can speak.  They brawl out to the stage. Black drops Cody. People from the back show to make him leave, and Black kicks Del Sol and we go to commercial.

We come back to another Miro promo where he says that no one has stepped up for his open challenge and even though he will be fighting Lee Johnson, and as God's Favorite Wrestler he was blessed with two things. His strength and a double jointed wife. He will not have his title taken away.

QT Marshall said that his apology to Tony Schiavone will wait until next week when Tony's family will be there via a note passed to the announcers.

Private Party and Angelico vs Jurassic Express and Christian Cage

Angelico starts with Cage and they works wrist locks until Cage tags in JB and they then whip Angelico into the ropes and give him a flip into a two count. The fight goes outside the ring and Matt Hardy pops JB. Cage and Marko Stunt chase him to the back.

Kassidy is tagged in and he chokes JB with his do rag. Quen then tags in and they keep working over JB in the corner. JB is able to flip out of their attack and tag in Luchasaurus who cleans house. He starts to go for a suplex on Angelico, who grabs Kassidy, who grabs Quen and his is able to hit all three with a German Suplex at the once. We then have all six men in the ring fighting. Kassidy and Angelico are tossed outside the ring to take a Tope from JB, and Cage is tagged in to hit a frog splash on Quen and cover for the three count. Super short match.

Your winners: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage


After the match, a man comes out of the crowd and attacks Cage. It's Blade with brass knuckles.

When we come back from commercial, we get a video package introducing Nick Gage. They show a LOT of scenes from his death matches with light tubes, glass and pizza cutters.

Julia Hart vs Thunder Rosa

In a pre-tape, we get the Varsity Blondes putting her over.

Thunder Rosa also has a pre-tape and she talks about how this is her first match as an All Elite member.

The crowd is chanting for her as they start working on the mat. They then go up where Rosa works the headlock and then they run the ropes. As Hart tries to fire up the crowd, Rosa grabs her leg and brings her down. Rosa then starts hitting her with chops. Rosa keeps up the pressure in the corner with clotheslines and knee strikes. Rosa misses a drop kick and Hart is able to get a couple fo moves before Rosa locks in a leg bar submission,. Broken up when Hart gets to the ropes.

Rosa is able to hit the drop kick into the corner this time and then hits the Fire Thunder Driver and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Thunder Rosa

The announcers run down the card for next week's Homecoming card at Daily's Place.

In the back Jon Moxley cuts a promo about how he can't get answers from New Japan. But now that Archer has the title, Tanahashi is on TV. Mox says his is dead to him, but he is ready to fight anyone in New Japan.

Chris Jericho The Painmaker vs Nick Gage, No DQ. The Second Labor of Jericho

MJF is on commentary. With a popcorn bucket.

Gage has a pizza cutter as things start and he is able to cut Jericho on the arm. They then hook up in the ring to throw hands. Gage is able to hit a spinebuster and then the fight goes outside the ring where Gage throws fists. Jericho tosses him into the barricade and then puts Gage in the ring and climbs to the top. Gage is able to get a superplex and then a Falcon Arrow and a two count.

Jericho is able to grab Gage and lock him into the walls and Gage is able to get out of it using the ropes for leverage. The brawl then goes back outside the ring. Gage then pulls out light bulbs from under the ring. Jericho pulls out a bat and gets into the ring as Gage is showing off the light tubes. Jericho goes after Gage with the bat. Gage is able to get a back breaker on Jericho and pulls out another pizza cutter. Yep, Jericho takes the pizza cutter across the forehead and we go picture in picture.

He keeps it up on the small screen. Gage then pulls out a bunch of chairs from under the ring. As he tries to attack with the light bulbs, Jericho is able to fight back. Gage knocks him down again and asks one of the men at ringside to find something under the ring, and pulls out a pane of glass.

Gage sets up the pane of glass on chairs. He puts Jericho's head under the glass and as he gets ready to leap, Jericho is up, grabs Gage and Hurancanranas Gage through the glass. Jericho gets a two count. Jericho grabs a chair and leaped at Gage and Gage catches him and slams him on the glass. Gage then attacks with light tubes. Gage hits Jericho with a pile driver and covers for a two count.

Gage has a partial end of a light tube and goes after Jericho's forehead. Gage pulls out more light tubes from under the ring. It's clear that Jim Ross is NOT happy about this. Jericho is able to hit Gage with mist, light tubes and then a Judas Effect. He covers Gage for the three count.

Your winner: Chris Jericho.

MJF stops Jericho's music and he tells him that the next Labor of Jericho will be that he ahs to hit a maneuver off the top rope to win. He then shows Jericho mocking MJF saying that his parents got busy after watching Juventude Geurrera. MJF then says Juventud Guerrera will be his opponent next week.

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