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By Dave Scherer on 2021-07-27 10:00:00

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What’s with every Raw having same matches as last week raw or variations of them? Styles and Omos beat Viking Raiders clean at PPV, yet they still feuding and next week there’s a rematch, etc.

That’s Vince McMahon booking.  I wish I could explain it better than that, but I can’t.  All I can say is it’s Vince.

Is Johnny Drip Drip the stupidest gimmick WWE has ever done?

I agree it’s pretty dopey, but don’t sell WWE short.  They have done worse.  Giant Gonzalez pops to mind immediately.

How great was Roman Reigns’ promo at the end of Smackdown this week?

It was fantastic.  Roman is so, so good.  He is hitting on all cylinders right now and is the best in the business right now in my opinion.

Rampage seems like it might be an interesting show, but why the Friday 10 pm death slot? Dynamite had lackluster ratings there, and that's their flagship show. I realize that other weekdays are already booked with wrestling, but what's wrong with Saturday afternoon? WCW did okay there for years...

It comes down to cash dollars my friend.  Saturday afternoon does not command the dollars for wrestling that prime time does.  With Smackdown on from 8 to 10, they chose to air after WWE, which is the smart move,  Plus, at least in theory, they can get people who still want to see more wrestling switch over after Smackdown ends.  Also, whatever it brings in ratings-wise will help TNT in the overall ratings battle.

With a definite online cottage industry dedicated to hardcore wrestling fans, where we love to talk about storyline analysis and other rumors, I thought Backstage would have been a hit with the IWC. In fact, I thought Backstage would be the IWC's collective wet dream to have WWE Superstars on WWE TV talking about storylines from a "meta" perspective - and even criticizing the product on air! Why do you think Backstage failed, when frankly the content was fun, irreverent, and interesting?

I think the main reason was that hardcore fans didn't see it as independent, they saw it as a WWE approved show that wouldn't give them what they wanted.  Plus, it was on FS1, which is not exactly a strong channel.

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