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By Dave Scherer on 2021-07-26 10:00:00

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With WWE leaving the Thunderdome and now doing live events again, it had me wondering about couples that are not on the same brands. We recently saw Naomi quietly switched back to SmackDown to be with Jimmy Uso. Assuming Carmella and Corey Graves are still a couple, do we see assume Carmella switching to RAW or Corey Graves go back to SmackDown? I would be think with Carmella is in a current storyline with Bianca Belair, that Corey would move. It wouldn’t be logical to have her switch and be involved with the Ripley/Charlotte/Nikki storyline. Of course there is the potential return of Becky Lynch. Seth Rollins has just planted seeds at MITB with Roman Reigns and may be involved with the Roman Reigns vs John Cena storyline. It would then make better sense for Becky Lynch to return to SmackDown, but sadly I can see Carmella then be used as a transition Champion. Any thoughts?

Well, Carmella did lose twice to the champ over the last two weeks so they could definitely move her now.  In my opinion, the right thing to do for the couples is put them on the same shows.  Whether that happens or not, we will see.

Baron Corbin is no longer the king. His life is now terrible. He's suffering from depression. Nakamura and Boogs are there to rub it in and make him feel even worse about it. This is somehow supposed to make me interested in the product?

Their goal is to eventually get you to feel sorry for Corbin and root for him.  They started that with KO on Smackdown this week.  Whether it will get you, or anyone else, interested?  To be determined…

With the pandemic on the rise again (argh!) Do you see WWE going back to the Thunderdome?

God, I hope not but can I confidently say no?  No, I can’t.  The virus is rising in a big, big way and it may force not only WWE’s hand, but other companies as well.  If they do have to go back to the Dome, my question will be whether it will be in Florida since they are leading the nation in new cases of COVID.

With Big E holding the briefcase and Lashley bashing Kofi up at MITB. Wouldn’t a great way of cashing in be Lashley avenging his defeat v Xavier Woods with a similar squash to the Kofi match and then Big E making the save and challenging Lashley at Summer Slam. Makes Big E seem on Lashley’s level. Might not even win but a hard thought battle would be amazing.

I hate the briefcase but I love that storyline. The babyface should never pick the bones (I hated that they had Nikki A.S.H. win that way.  I would love if E made the challenge in advance.  That match would have me very interested.

In the Britt Baker-Nyla Rose match, they did the old Eddie Guerrero acting like he been hit by belt bit, but why would Rose toss the belt to Baker and try and get Baker DQ’ed? That made no sense cuz if she succeeds then Baker keeps the title.

That was one of those things that seemed like a cute idea but when you think about it, yep, if the ref chose to DQ the champ, Rose walks away without the belt.

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