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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-24 10:00:00

 I see WWE making action figures for Doink the Clown, who gets the royalties for the usage of that it Matt Bourne's family?

It probably depends on what era of Doink the figure is based on, as there were numerous performers of that character.

The NWA is claiming they are running the old Wrestling at the Chase ballroom, but wasn't that place destroyed?

No, the original Hotel still exists and is in operation and the Ballroom is still available for events, so the NWA booked it.

Is Ibushi wrestling this weekend?

It's really going to be a last minute decision.  New Japan has never been a company that doesn't want to deliver what it promises to its audience but this is a very unique situation that they cannot control.

I've seen the video of Adam West as Batman on emphis Wrestling, but the one thing I don't understand is why the heck was West making the appearance in the first place?

West was in Memphis was weekend making a promotional meet and greet appearance and he was booked to appear on the TV show to promote the signing.

So is Canyon Ceman actually gone from WWE?

Yes.  We wouldn't have reported it if we didn't have it confirmed.

Any word on MLW returning to NYC?

It's something the company is working on.  They absolutely want to return to the Melrose Ballroom in Queens when they can work out the scheduling.

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