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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-23 10:00:00

Why are all these promotions working together?  AAA, AEW, New Japan, Impact Wrestling, NWA, etc.?

They all have something the other wants, whether it be talents they want to share or exposure.  With COVID, it also helps them buffer their individual rosters.  Let's not forget that awhile back AEW filed a trademark on "Battle of the Belts" which certainly leaves the idea open of a combined show where everyone's promotion puts a big title match on the line, so that could be the end result of all the intermixing.  If it is, let's hope for all involved it works out better than Pro Wrestling USA or AWA Superclash III ended up!

How could Thunder Rosa sign with AEW when she was signed to the NWA?

Very easily.  The NWA made a deal with AEW and in doing so, they released her from her deal, making it possible for her to sign elsewhere.    Rosa's NWA deal was slated to end at the end of the year, so NWA extricated themself and Rosa and let her go on her way.  They want to partner with AEW obviously, so this was part of that.

Has WWE or anyone ever purchased the Memphis library?

No, there have been attempts by some, including Jerry Lawler to assemble the library together, but it's piece-mealed all over the place and there's no real master tapes that exist, across the board, for the complete run of the show.  So, there's been so sale of the promotion's library since it's not really one collection.

Why are there no Amarillo tapes floating around?

I asked Terry Funk about Amarillo footage many years ago during an interview.  He said that after the territory was sold, the tapes had been left in a storage area and later, when Funk went to retrieve them, the tapes had been disposed of and they never re-emerged, so sadly, they are probably rotting somewhere in a dump in Texas.

Is there anyone you never had the chance to see you'd like to see wrestle?

I haven't seen much of Dory Funk Sr. and since I am such a fun of Terry and Dory, I'd like to see more of Sr.  Les Thatcher has no footage from his career as he lost it in a fire many years ago, so I'd love to see some of that pop up so that I could see it and more importantly, that Les could have some for himself to show his grandkids.  So, I'll go with them.

Anywhere you'd like to travel for wrestling?

I've been very lucky in that I've been able to travel and witness a lot of big shows and moments across the country.  I haven't done much international travel, so in a post-COVID world, I'd love to go see some shows in Germany, Japan, Ireland and England.   Domestically, I love the shows that WrestlePro does in Alaska and would love to immerse myself to cover one of their loops at some point. 


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