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By Anthony Pires on 2021-06-10 18:00:00

Quinn McKay welcomes us to week 1 of Survival of the Fittest 2021.  Survival of the Fittest is back via a fan vote (I voted for it!). The winner of this tournament will receive a future ROH World Title shot.  The 12 combatants are Brian Johnson, Rey Horus, Flamita, Eli Isom, Dak Draper, Bandido, Bateman, Sledge, Edwards, Chris Dickinson, Danhausen and Rhett Titus

Survival of the Fittest: First Round: Demonic Flamita vs Rey Horus

This very well could have the finals.  Personally I wish MexiSquad stayed together.  LOVE Demonic Flamita's new entrance.  Very theatrical and sets him apart, Satanic iconography and all.  Code of Honor adhered to. Lockup, Horus gives us a clean break.  Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on the call and they tell us that the tournament will also be taking place on ROH's YouTube show, Week By Week. Horus with a sharp kick to the ear.  Horus with a flying bodyscissors off the second rope.  Flamita backdrops Horus to the apron and nails a spear to the outside.  Flamita breaks the count and goes back outside and works over Horus.  Ian tells us that the 6 first round winners will meet in a 6 way elimination match for the Survival of the Fittest crown.  Flamita uses a chair on the outside, referee Todd Sinclair uses discretion.  BAD MOVE.  You've heard me complain about AEW referees being clueless about the rules.  This happened right in front of Sinclair.  Ian covers it by saying Sinclair wants these two to settle things, but that was a real affront to what ROH is supposed to be about, as far as I'm concerned.

Soapbox over, Flamits nails a Spanish Fly on the outside and nails a frog splash for 2 as we go to commercial.  

We are back and Horus with a sliding Pele kick into a Destroyer for 2.  Fake out by Flamita and a shot to the jaw by Flamita.  Pendulum DDT by Flamita for 2.  THAT looked spectacular.  Flamita with stomps on the apron.  Suplex by Flamita. Uppercut by Horus he then nails a palm strike.  Armdrag and a DDT by Horus for 2.  Horus to the top but Flamita crotches him.  Flamita with a gordbuster and he rolls up Horus for the pin.

WINNER: Demonic Flamita

Sledge and THE best mic man in ROH, Brian Johnson hype their match upcoming on Week by Week.  Brian Johnson can have all of my money if he chooses.  The guy is freaking great, he's getting real personal with Sledge, bringing up his father and past addictions.  

Pure Rules (30 minute time limit): Professional Wrestling's Last Real Man Silas Young vs. Josh Woods

Code of Honor adhered to by rule.  Lockup, armdrag by Woods.  Test of strength, standing switch takedown by Woods into a wrist lock.  Rolup by Woods but Youngs gets a headlock reversal.  Silas turns it into a half crab.  Young gets to his feet and gets an an arm twist takedown into an armbar.  Woods with a headscissors cradle for 1. They're grappling until Silas throws him off but gets taken down by a shoulderblock.  Standing rollup by Woods for 2 and he applies a bodylock for 2.  Silas with a headlock, Woods reverses it.  Young with a headscissors escape.  

5 minutes have elapsed.

Silas re applies a headscissors, Young escapes and they trade headlock takedowns.  Young wants a handshake but applies a headlock instead.  He maneuvers away from the referee and delivers a closed fist punch.  Forearm smashes by Young.  Woods, angry, nails a closed fist punch and receives his first warning. Armdrag by Woods, he applies an armbar as we go to commercial.

We're back and Young with a Hot Shot.  Woods blocks an abdominal twist but Young powers into it.  Young with a monkey flip, Woods trips him and applies a leglock, Young turns it into a rear chinlock but Woods applies a front figure 4.  I have never seen that before.

10 minutes have elapsed

Front suplex by Young, he sends Woods into the corner.  Chops by Young, followed by shoulder drivers.  Young with uppercuts and a series of clotheslines. Woods blocks a superplex and NAILS a twisting neckbreaker from the 2nd rope. 

This match is so freaking good!

Chops by Young, Josh fires back and nails an uppercut.  Waistlock takedown by Woodsm he tries a rear naked choke.  He gets it and Young makes the ropes formhis 1st break. Young with a shoulderblock at the 15 minute mark.  The two collapse on the apron.  They revive and exchange forearms.  DDT by Young.  Referee John Mandack declares Young used a rope break on the apron. That's 2.  They block suplex attempts.  Woods uses his 3rd rope break to escape a fireman's carry.  Backbreaker by Young.  Suplex by Young and Woods breaks up a pin with his first rope break.  

20 minutes have elapsed.

Neckbreaker by Woods, both men are down.  Woods with a Beast Lock, Woods is out of rope breaks and he taps out.

WINNER: Josh Woods

Code of Honor adhered to.

We go to credits


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