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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-10 22:01:00

Welcome to's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report!

The episode opened up with a look back at last week's awesome Iron Man match.

Scott D'Amore welcomed everyone to the broadcast from the center of the ring and welcomed AEW Owner and CEO Tony Khan into the ring.  They shook hands and hugged.  Khan was very cordial about being there.  D'Amore said they have an agreement as they share the same champion but before he could continue, out came Don Callis.  He asked if the territory was safe with them in the ring.  Callis accused them of planning or scheming.  He said he wanted to point a few facts out.  Kenny Omega is the greatest investment Tony Khan has in his portfolio.  Moose is a great athlete, but then there is Sami Callihan.  Callis said they are not afraid of Callihan or anyone else, but from an investment perspective, he wants to point out a few things.  Callihan has been blacklisted everyone, including Jacksonville for a reason.  Khan said no comment.  Callis brought up Callihan almost ending Eddie Edwards' career with a baseball bat.  Scott noted that The Good Brothers tried to take out Callihan but he ended up winning by DQ, so technically he beat the top contender.  Callis said Callihan is a dangerous wrestler and has heard so many people, it's unbelievable.  Callis pointed out to Scott that they had to deal with so many "Callihan-isms" because of things he did that led to the cops being called and briefcases being doled out to quiet the situation.  Callis said he suggested they just take the best athletes in the promotions - Moose and Omega - and have a great, Olympic level wrestling match.  Scott told Don that he's a well spoken man who brought up some big points.  Scott said therefore, it will be Moose vs. Kenny Omega at Against All Odds.  Khan

said that Omega has lots of commitments and if he knew how much he had to deal with Callis this much, he doesn't know how he would have felt about it, but he knows Don cares about Kenny and the Impact title.  He said that Daily's Place is the top wrestling venue in the world and suggested they hold the match in Jacksonville.  He said they don't want Sami Callihan at Daily's Place and he won't be there.  Don tried to walk out but Scott said that Sami and The Good Brothers will be here competing here so the Good Brothers won't be able to interfere.  Scott said that the winner will be able to say they won cleanly and the winner will have a date on 7/17 as they'll be defending against Sami Callihan in the main event of Slammiversary. Callis said this was awful and was upset at Khan for falling for this.  Khan said he was a nice guy and just did Callis a bunch of favors.

Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown responded to the announcements.

Backstage, Don Callis, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers blew off Gia Miller trying to get comment.  Callis said he tried to take care of things but it went froggy, so he told The Good Brothers it was time for them to do what they do best.  He suggested they put a hit or a bounty out on Sami but Scott D'Amore caught it.  If they wanted Sami, Sami and a partner of his choice can face The Good Brothers this Saturday at the PPV.  Callis wondered who the partner was.  He said Sami has no friends.  Scott said that may be true but they can make it a little more even by making it a Street Fight.

Brian Myers led "Promo Class" for Sam Beale.  

Backstage, Sami Callihan said he doesn't care who his partner will be this weekend and if it's a suicide mission, he will be happy to do it.  Tommy Dreamer showed up and said the enemy of his enemy is his friend.  They both hate Don Callis.  He said he'll be Sami's partner and if Sami turns on him, well everyone else has turned on him.  Callihan told Dreamer to be his partner and said that even if it's against his better judgment.  He said that if Dreamer lets him down, Sami will be taking him down.  Sami walked off.  D'Amore told Dreamer that Callis is technically his boss and told Dreamer not to mess with him.  Dreamer told Scott that he was sorry but Don was Scott's enemy and he needs to realize that as well.  Scott stormed into his office and Dreamer walked off.

Rosemary vs. Havok - If Havok wins, she is added to Knockouts title bout at Against All Odds.

Rosemary speared Havok twice at the onset of the bout but Havok kicked out at two.  Rosemary locked on The Muta Lock but was unable to get the submission.  Havok caught an advancing Rosemary and tossed her with a throw into the corner.  Rosemary nailed a big Facewash and then a big hip attack in the corner.  Havok was in control as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Havok maintained control with a big full nelson.  She controlled her and scored several two counts.  Rosemary came back with another spear for a two count.  They battled to their feet but Havok was speared again and Rosemary scored the pin.

Your winner, Rosemary!

It will be Rosemary vs. Deonna Purrazzo in a singles bout for the Knockouts Championship this Saturday.

Susan and Kimber Lee attacked Havok while Purrazzo locked the Venus di Milo on Rosemary, trying to hurt her before their title bout.  Susan said that's what they get and challenged Tasha Steelz to come out and face Kimber Lee right now.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tasha Steelz vs. Kimber Lee

Lee was worked over but caught Tasha going for a head scissors and powerbombed her in the corner.  Lee beat her head into the head and cinched in a rear chinlock.  Lee rakes Steelz's eyes across the ropes but Tasha fired back with a series of chops.  Steelz charged but was caught with a clothesline for a two count.  Steelz caught her with a superkick but missed a charge and crashed to the floor.  

Hogan tried to help her recover but Steelz was almost counted out.  Lee descended upon Steelz, working her over with some great aggression when the champ returned to the ring.  She beat down Steelz and scored a two count with a sideslam.  Lee continued controlling the match until she went to the ropes for a swanton.  Steelz pulled up her knees. Steelz went for a Crucifix but Lee avoided it.  Steelz nailed a Falcon Arrow for the pin.

Your winner, Tasha Steelz!

Deonna Purrazzo and Susan began arguing with Fire N' Flayva and began brawling with them.  Havok and Rosemary returned to ringside and attacked Steelz and Susan, then attacked Deonna and Kimber inside the ring.  Rosemary nailed her front guillotine DDT on Deonna.  Hogan was left in the ring and tried to escape but was snatched and hit with a double chokeslam.

They went to a Maclin vignette.  He said his back is against the wall and either he's going to meet "Mr. Mayhem or you will."

Gia Miller interviewed X-Division Champion Josh Alexander.  He said he feels great after last week and has been waiting for an opportunity like last week for 16 years.  He said he's the Iron Man in pro wrestling and he wants the best.  He has his eyes on the Five Way match at Against All Odds.  Ace Austin and Madman Fulton showed up and Ace asked him if he would be keeping his eye on the tag match tonight too.  He said he doesn't need to worry about anyone but him.  Alexander reminded him that he's beaten Austin.  Austin said he may have lost but his confidence never wavers for a reason, he's the best.

Trey Miguel & Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju & Chris Bey 

Some good back and forth wrestling with Raju and Williams.  They tag out to Bey and Miguel, who exchange holds and reversals.  Trey goes for a TKO but Bey turned it into an armdrag.  Bey was dropkicked into the corner.  Williams and Miguel caught him with a double elevated powerbomb for a two count,  Raju distracted Williams, allowing Bey to catch him in the mid-section.

Raju tagged in but was sent into the ropes.  Raju held on and backdropped Williams over the top to the apron.  Bey tried to snatch him but was kicked away.  That distraction allowed Raju to nail Williams and now the duo began beating him down and working Williams over in the corner.  

Bey and Raju spent a long time tagging in and out, working over the Canadian veteran.  He fought back but Bey drilled him with a suplex for a two count.  Bey kept scoring two counts.  He and Raju continued the assault until they had a miscommunication, allowing Trey to tag in.

Miguel sped up like the Flash and drove through Raju, then nailed a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.  Trey nailed a snap suplex on Raju and snapped Bey into the ring.  Petey went for the Destroyer but was tossed to the floor.  Raju scored with a leaping knee strike.  Williams nailed a Codebreaker on Bey.  Trey locked in a crazy submission, forcing Raju to tag.

Your winners, Petey Williams and Trey Miguel!

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton hit the ring and attacked the winners.  Josh Alexander hit the ring for the save but was overwhelmed.  Austin slapped Alexander. Everyone hit the ring and charged Fulton, attacking him in the corner.  D'Lo said they looked like The Avengers taking on Thanos.   This all built to everyone holding up Fulton for Williams to nail a top roper Super Canadian Destroyer, which was cool as hell.  The announcers teased that they may have taken out Ace Austin's advantage this Saturday at the PPV.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann and Willie Mack backstage.    Swann said he will have Mack's back tonight when he wrestles W. Morrisey.  Mack said that it's No DQ but he needs Swann to promise that start to finish, he doesn't get involved.  Swann asked him if he's sure and Mack said that he is.

They then aired the latest "All About Me" with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with A K.  Her interviewer is Rachael Ellering.  Jordynne Grace came with Ellering.    They weren't thrilled Grace was there.  Ellering asked why she was here.  Dashwood said a better question was why Grace was there.  Ellering said she was her tag team partner.  Dashwood tried to fan the flames that there were issues between the two, so Ellering told her to stop disrespecting them and said if she wanted to settle things, they could step into the ring this Saturday.  Grace said if anyone has been disrespected, it's her, so she's going to get a match made for this Saturday at the PPV.

They went to a Violent by Design promo.  Young promised Joe Doering would make his mark tonight.  This weekend, he was going to take out a legend, Satoshi Kojima.  Doering is going to take his heart.  The world doesn't belong to Kojima.  It belongs to them.

Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering

Eddie used his speed to try to avoid Doering early.  Eddie was able to catch him in the corner with a series of rights but the larger Doering snatched him in a side headlock and ground him to the mat.  Edwards sent him to the ropes but Doering rebounded and drilled right through him.   Doering wound up and nailed a big right, then sent Edwards into the corner.  He took Edwards down and ripped at his neck, twisting it.

Doering continued to beat down Doering but Edwards reversed a suplex, shocking the big man.  Edwards charged him in the corner but was tossed over the top to the apron, where Rhino tried to attack him as Doering distracted the referee.  Doering charged Edwards but was sent to the floor.  Edwards went to rebound for a dive but Deaner tripped him.  The referee called for the bell.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

Violent by Design all attacked Edwards but Satoshi Kojima hit the ring to make the save.  He and Doering began forearming the hell out of each other.  Kojima clotheslined Doering over the top to the floor, where the rest of VBD held him back.  Kojima was ready for a fight.  Doering tried to break free but was unable to get back to the ring.

They aired a video piece on Moose challenging for the Impact title this Saturday.

D'Lo Brown and Josh Mathews talked about Kenny Omega having the home field advantage this Saturday since the bout will take place in Jacksonville.  D'Lo Brown predicted Moose captures the title.

W. Morrisey vs. Willie Mack - No DQ

Morrisey shoved away Mack with ease and then backed him into the corner, drilling him with punches to the mid-section and the back.  Morrisey nailed a big right hand and choked him against the ropes.  Mack tried to fire back but Morrisey absorbed it.  Morrisey cut him off with a clothesline as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Morrisey was beating down Mack on the floor.  Morrisey was nailed.  Mack grabbed a chair and nailed Morrisey with it in the legs and then the kidneys.  Mack grabbed a steel chair and nailed Morrisey across the back.  Morrisey was nailed several more times.  Morrisey rolled back into the ring.   Mack continued the momentum but missed a charge in the corner.  Morrisey nailed a big boot that wiped Mack out.

Morrisey grabbed the steel chair and began beating Mack with it across the back over and over.  He used it to choke Mack on the mat and then went to the floor to retrieve the chain from earlier on.  Morrisey wrapped it around Mack's face.  He wrapped it around Mack's face.  He placed Mack atop the buckles and drilled him across the back with the chair.  He continued to beat Mack with the chair.  Mack made a comeback and nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.  Mack used the chair to beat Morrisey across the back.  He placed the chair on Morrisey and went for the frog splash but Morrisey moves and Mack crashes down on the chair.

Morrisey went for a running elbow but Mack moved and Morrisey hit the chair.  Mack grabbed the chair but Morrisey nailed a big boot to smash it into Mack and scored the pin.

Your winner, W. Morrisey!

Morrisey was going to take out Mack but Rich Swann hit the ring with a series of kicks.   Security tried to break up the brawl but failed.  Morrisey broke through and took down Rich.  Security told him to leave but as he did, Swann cracked him with a chair.  They faced off as security pulled them apart as Impact went off the air....

Against All Odds will be this Saturday evening.

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