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By Anthony Pires on 2021-06-09 17:33:00

Welcome to the GBP Studios in Atlanta, GA.  A little different opening this week.  NWA president William Patrick Corgan with at the podium along the legend herself, Mickie James.  My excitement level reaches 11 as Mr. Corgan states that the NWA will be traveling to the legendary Chase Ballroom on August 28-31.  On August 28 AND 29th, the NWA will return to PPV.  The 28th will be an all Women's PPV Executive Produced by Mickie James.  The 29th will be NWA 73rd Anniversary.  This will be amazing.  Take all of my money now NWA.  Mickie gives an impassioned speech about how Women's Wrestling matters and can stand on its own.  She will be recruiting women from all over the world.  Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille III please!!!

We have Into the Fire back and better than ever greeting us as your commentators are Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky.

Kyle Davis welcomes the NEW NWA Women's World Champion, the Brickhouse Kamille, to the set.  Obviously she's on cloud 9 after her victory on Sunday.  She is joined by a stylish Nick Aldis and her fiancee Thom Lattimer.  Strictly Business is no fan of Galli. Galli stands up to Lattimer.  Chris Adonis, now former National Champion arrives as well.  Mr.Aldis has been fined $25,000 for his actions at Back For The Attack.  There will be a coronation for Kamille later tonight.

Tim Storm rescues Galli and announces there will be an upcoming tournament for the vacant National Title.  Strictly Business declares that Mr. Corgan has a conspiracy against them.  Lattimer, Adonis, Parrow,Fred Rosser, JTG and Kratos will be in the upcoming tournament.  

May Valentine is with former NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb.  She congratulates Kamille on her victory.  BTW I reiterate that was the best match on Sunday's PPV.

NWA TV Championship: Da Pope (NWA TV Champion) vs Luke Hawx w/ PJ Hawx

This is Pope's 5th defense.  7 defenses and he gets a World Title shot, however, he must vacate the TV title to get it.  Code of Honor adhered to.  Lockup, arm wringer by Pope, Hawx with a leg sweep.  Another lockup, standing switch by Hawx.  Trip and a fist drop by Hawx.  Shoulder tackle by the champion as he scores a 1 count.  Powerslam by Hawx for 1 after Pope misses a charge in the corner.  Leg Lariat by the challenger.  Suplex by Hawx for 2.  

4:05 remains

Rear chinlock by Lawx, Pope elbows out. Another Leg Lariat by Hawx for 2.  Forearm and chops by Hawx.  The Champion fores back.  Sunset flip for 2 by Pope.  Hawx applies a surfboard.  Pope slips out with 2:05 left.  Hawx with a dropkick for 1.  Hawx with a backbreaker.  Pope rebounds with a series of forearm smashes.  Kick to the midsection and a DDT by Pope.  1:10 remains.  Pope lowers the kneepads and nails a double knee strike by Pope and he scores the pin.


Post match code of honor adhered to.

Kyle Davis and May Valentine with a plug for NWA merchandise.  They are joined by the mysterious masked man who appeard at the PPV's Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match.  He speaks very cryptically that he is a new signee, signed directly by Mr. Corgan.  We do not get his name.  This is mysterious, to say the least. Mr. Corgan is the only one who knows who this man is.

Lady Frost vs. Taryn Terrel

Frost takes full advantage and goes on the attack.  Tarryn bails and says she doesn't need something like this.  She goes into the ring and shakes Frost's hand and says goodbye and immediately rolls her up for the pin.

WINNER: Taryn Terrel.

Tyrus and Austin Idol come out and bully Kyle Davis, as per usual.  They want another shot at Pope A man named BLK Jeez appears and wants to talk business with them. The three walk to the back.

Valentine is with Trevor Murdoch.  He's having a real crisis of conscience over what happened Sunday.  he did the right thing, no doubt, but still got screwed over.  I'm real curious to see where this goes. May is so much better at the interviewing role than before.

The End (Parrow and Odinson) vs. La Rebellion (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf)

All 4 battle it out at the outset before the bell.  Odinson and Wold kick us off after the bell rings. Parrow tags in and gets slammed onto Wold for 2.  Action spills to the outside with Odinson and 666.  Parrow chokeslams Wolf for 2.  Odinson tags in and nails an uppercut to the back for 2.  Parrow tags in, they've isolated Wolf very well but Wolf nails a DDT and makes the tag, as does Odinson.  Hurancanrana by 666, he misses drokick.  Cross body and an overhead belly to belly by 666.  Wolf tags in and nails a double knee strike on Odinson for 2.  Parrow makes the save and we've got a 4 way brawl.  Senior referee Robert King has no choice but to throw the match out.  


Both teams brawl to the back.

Kamille and Nick Aldis come out for the coronation. Mr. Aldis presents 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers to the new champion.  She struts around the ring and Melina confronts her.  Things almost get physical until JennaCide pulls Melina off.  Melina, confused, storms off as JennaCide raises Kamille's arm and walks off as we go to credits.

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