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By Eric Denton on 2021-06-08 14:23:00

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Episode 523

Photos by Justin Cottrell

Your hosts are Todd Keneley, James  Kincaid and Blake “Bulletproof Troop and it’s time to “Fight On”!

Ray Rosas vs Darwin Finch

Finch gets in a a lot of offense as Rosas looks shaken by the attack Dan Joseph laid on him a few weeks back. Rosas is hesitant in the ring for most of the match. Ray is able to lock in a cross face submission after the Bed of Rosas to get the victory.

Your Winner - Ray Rosas

Keita comes out after the match and shows something to Rosas on his phone.

Dan Joseph is on the mic to explain his recent actions. He says the parking lot attendant he assaulted was a wrestler named Lazarus and he introduces him. Lazarus has a painted face and just yells. Joseph is not impressed.

Emily Mae with Beef Candy (Richie Slade & Flex McCallion). They explain that new Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Cruz is their target and that Slade has invoked his rematch clause.

Lazarus vs Adriel Noctis 

Lazarus is pretty weird and slithers into the ring. Noctis imitates him and makes quick work of Lazarus. Noctis hits a meteoria, V-trigger and impaler DDT combo for the pin. Sketch comes out to the ring and Wasted Youth continues to look as if they’re back on the same page.

Your Winner - Adriel Noctis

Viva Van (with Halston Boddy) 

Halston gets on the mic and says the Boddy Shop is the number one faction in CWFH. Viva with her 2x4 wants to put CeCe Chanel out of the territory like she did Heather Monroe. CeCe Chanel comes out and attacks Van and the referees separate them.

Jack Banning comes to ringside and talks sits with ring announcer Adnan Kureishy. He says the wrestlers in the back need to know wrestling is a rough business and they should get used to their dreams getting crushed. They’ll thank him for his honesty one day.

Keita vs Miguel

Before the match Keita gets on the microphone and explains his uncle passed away and set him up financially for life. He’s no longer going to wrestle when he doesn’t want to. He enters the ring, gives Miguel and envelop and the bell rings. Miguel leaves and gets counted out.

Your Winner - Keita

Main Event for the United World Tag Team Championship:“The Hot Commodities” Anthony Idol & Honest John (with Howdy Price) vs “The Bodega” Papo Esco & Danny Limelight (with Slice Boogie)

Limelight and John start the match and it’s a rare occasion when John isn’t a huge size advantage. Honest John seems fired up by this. Limelight is still the more aggressive and after a few chops and body blows John tags in Idol. Limelight jumps on the bigger Idol and wrestles him to the corner to tag in Papo Esco. Esco gets Idol in the corner and lights him up with punches, Idol isn’t effected and he reverses the situation and starts punching and gives Esco a headbutt. Esco reverses but is Irish whipped into the corner and falls face first into the turnbuckle. Idol tags in Honest John but Esco picks him up and slams him. Tag to Limelight. He is about to give a running knee to John but Idol grabs him. It’s enough to distract and John hits an enziguri. Tag to Idol and they hit Poetry in Motion. Limelight is in trouble after a big power slam and knee drop from Idol. Another tag to John. He gives a fisherman suplex but doesn’t fit for the pin. John taunts Papo Esco while Howdy Price rakes the eyes of Limelight. John with nonchalant slaps to Limelight who fires up and chops John to the mat. Tag to Esco who rams Idol off the apron. One hand slam to Honest John. Idol is in and gets a Saito Suplex and he’s bounced to the floor. Tag to Limelight. Esco has John in a slam position and Danny kicks John in the back of the head before Papo drops him in an avalanche slam. Cover by Limelight but Howdy Price distracts the ref and Slice Boogie pulls him off the apron. Idol comes in and gives Limelight a choke slam and he puts Honest John on top of Limelight, Esco comes in and reverses the pin but Honest John kicks out . Out comes Levi Shapiro but Brett Michaels follows him and knocks him out. In the ring Honest John is out in a choke and taps out.

Your Winners and STILL United World Tag Team Champions - The Bodega

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