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By Paul Jordan on 2021-06-08 08:31:00

WWE Shop has a nWo Wolfpac Signature Series World Heavyweight Title for $499.99. The online shop has a Grizzled Young Veterans logo T-shirt as well.

Nikki Cross did an interview with Digital Spy talking about what she did with her recent time off from WWE television and how she got the nickname " The White Chocolate Cheesecake of Sports Entertainment."


The Miz did an interview with Sports Illustrated  prior to Raw and said the following about his injury:

“I love reading reports about my injury,. It’s amazing. It’s all usually wrong. I was reading stuff about me like, ‘What? Where are they finding this information?’ I hadn’t even released anything that I was even injured. As far as I’m concerned, everyone keeps asking me how I’m feeling, and I feel like a million bucks—and I’m going to be on WWE TV every week like I always am. "

While the Miz did not comment on the specific injury, he did say the following regarding his in-ring return timetable:

“I’ll be out for a little bit of time. I’ve seen that I’ll be out nine months. I don’t plan on being out nine months. I was on TV last Monday, and I’m going to be on TV every week. We always tell children not to try what we do at home because it’s a very dangerous sport, and I’m a person that had never been injured in a WWE ring for my entire career. I had a match, and did I get injured? Yes, the answer is yes, I did get injured. How long will I be out? To be completely honest, I don’t even know that. I’m just working on physical therapy, getting everything back to 100% so I can give the audience exactly what they want.”

The following content has been added to Peacock:

*2017 NXT: Secret to Sensation countdown documentary

*2014's WWE Network Journey to WrestleMania 30: Daniel Bryan documentary

*2015's NXT All-Star Panel

NXT UK Superstars take on graffiti challenge at WWE’s UK Performance Center


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