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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-08 08:45:00

Former WWE star Dave "Gangrel" Heath announced yesterday he has departed the wrestling school that bared his own ring name, the Gangrel Wrestling Academy.  Heath did not give clarity as to what led to his exit from the school, but apologized to the fans as well as former and current students training at the facility:

Danny Duggan's Canadian Wrestling's Elite promotion will be running Saskatchewan for the first time in 17 months with four live events in July.

Platinum Pro Wrestling in Florida will be presenting a Rusty Brooks Memorial Show on 6/26. The show, titled Hard Knocks, will stream on FITE.TV, featuring the following announced lineup:

*The Abusement Park (Zack Monstar & Chuckles) vs. The Awakening (the former Ascension) for the PPW Doubles Division Championship.
*Savannah Evans vs Kelsey Lynn vs Kelsey Raegan for the PPW Starlight Championship.
*MDK vs. Redbeard (the former Erik Rowan)
*Rusty Brooks Memorial Battle Royal - Winner receives the PPW Plantinumweight Key to the City (think Money in the Bank)
*Leo Knox vs. Lio Rush vs. Ricky Martinez for the PPW Silverweight Championship.
*Hembra Kato vs. Krissy Vaine for the Diamonds Division Championship.
*Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs. Soulman Alex G.
*C.J. O'Doyle witg Fabulous Frank vs. AJ Jannazzo vs E.R.A. III.
*Chelsea Durden vs. Sahara Seven.
*Boone The Gator King vs. Aron Agony.

Brooks passed away at the age of 63 this past March. He was a fixture on WWF TV in the 1980s as an enhancement talent working as a heel against a number of babyfaces, including then-WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts and The Junkyard Dog. He was a great enhancement talent at the time. Brooks was initially trained by Boris Malenko and Jim Isler and worked a number of different areas including Championship Wrestling from Florida and The Savoldi family's IWCCW, where he wrestled as Super Duper Mario. He was renowned for having a great dropkick despite being a bigger competitor and was considered a smart worker who knew how to get a reaction out of the crowd. Originally from Texas, Brooks settled in Florida and was a regular fixture as a wrestler and later a trainer in the Sunshine State. He was one half of the Global Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions alongside Jumbo Barretta, a duo that was managed by Ox Baker and feuded with Dean and Joe Malenko. He was also a top fixture for the Future of Wrestling promotion, where he held the FOW title as well as the FOW Hardcore title before retiring in 2002. Brooks' school in Florida helped break a number of names into the business, including Dave "Gangrel" Heath, Norman Smiley, the late Luna Vachon, Konnor of The Ascension and MVP. He was very much a mentor figure in the Florida area and was very much a beloved figure and veteran in that scene.

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