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By Dave Scherer on 2021-06-07 10:00:00

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I know appearances can be deceiving, but when you’re talking about legitimate tough guys in pro wrestling, does the hierarchy go something like this, from the most wimpy to The toughest?  Indy Schmucks, Bodybuilders, Football Players, Amateur wrestlers/MMA fighters, Samoans, Brock Lesnar, and depending on the Samoan, those top two spots would change back-and-forth?

There really is no hierarchy, other than trained fighters would have an advantage in a right.  Honestly, anyone that takes bumps for a living is tough in my opinion.

I don’t believe in the BS line that “there are no heels and no Babyfaces today.”  Clearly there are still heels and baby faces, but with the country is so divided/diverse in 2021 what qualities would a heel need to be able to piss everybody off to the point where they would wanna pay to see him get his ass kicked?  What qualities were a baby face need to get everybody to rally behind him and pay to see him win?

The two needed qualities are a great booker and a talent that knows how to connect with the crowd.  I don’t think the division over politics is a factor in what fans traditionally react to.  Obviously, if they made a character a staunch liberal or conservative it would, but I don’t see a smart company going down that road.  The fact that there aren’t a lot of true faces and heels is exactly why mainstream interest in wrestling is at a low, in my opinion.

Roman Reigns versus Karrion Kross, at wrestlemania 38.  How interested would you be in that match, on that stage?

Me personally?  I would love it, especially if Kross stayed in NXT dominating until Rumble time.  If booked correctly, I think it could be a big, big deal.  Of course, with WWE booking is always the big “if”.

What am I missing about this talk of Vince selling up? All I've ever heard is that Vince is a workaholic who lives/breathes the company. He's obviously not struggling for cash either. Why would he possibly sell the company? What would he do with himself? It might make a little sense if he had something else in the pipeline to focus on, such as if the XFL had taken off, but the whole idea seems to completely go against everything I've ever read about him.

First and foremost, we have no idea if Vince intends to sell or not.  It’s just speculation at this point.  If he were to sell, these are valid reasons to consider doing so.  WWE’s revenues are now primarily television revenue based.  The TV industry is in flux right now due to streaming changing the game.  Major networks have cut back spending on new series due to the high cost and inability to engage audiences.  WWE has seen it’s ratings drop consistently for years now.  It’s fair to wonder what kind of offers will be there when there TV contracts in the US expire in three plus years.  Also, if Vince were able to sell for say 10 billion dollars, it would be a huge win for him as a businessman.  With that money, he could do whatever he wanted for a next act.  He could also stay in as the guy in WWE, much like Dana White did in UFC.  Let’s also not forget that Vince is a few months away from turning 76 years old.  No one lives forever.

With all the talk of the hypothetical WWE sale on the No Name Show, if a corporation were to purchase the WWE, would the wrestlers still be considered “independent contractors”?   How would this transaction be positive or negative for the wrestlers?

I can’t say either way as we would need to know the corporate philosophy of whatever company bought WWE before could say.  My guess is that the corporation would take the best financial path for their entity, which would probably keep the talents under the existing contracts and structures.

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