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By Dave Scherer on 2021-06-06 10:00:00

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I’m an educated person but for the life of me, I don’t understand the whole WWE for sale business. I thought the intention was to pass the company to Steph and Shane post Vince’s death. If the company gets sold, does that mean WWE becomes no longer? What does it mean for the network?

Why sell?  Because they may think they have hit the maximum of what they can do on their own.  Most of their revenue is predicated on TV rights fees and the Network.  Given the change in landscape in the television industry, it's understandable to wonder what the market will be for their programming in three years, especially when you consider that their ratings have been falling for years now.  They could find themselves in a position where they take a cut, maybe even a massive one.  If they can sell for billions of dollars now, that is money in their pockets.  Whoever spends that kind of money to buy it won't do so to change it, but rather keep it going for programming.  It would make no sense to do otherwise so the TV programs and Network would remain intact.  The question to me is who would run it, and how?  But whatever the case, if it sells it won't be going away!

Do you believe WWE when they say that talents were released for “budget cuts”?

Do I believe it?  Sure, it’s up to the company to decide what they want to spend so if they cut salaries and they call it a budget cut, it’s true, at least technically.  The question to me is did the people need to be cut for the overall financial health of the company.  In that case, it all depends on what the company’s goal is.  The other question is, for example, why was Braun Strowman released and not someone else making a similar salary?  There is more to the situation than just budget cuts.

I have a question about the Ultimate Warrior. For a number of years I’ve heard the same rhetoric banded around that the Warrior couldn’t work. But I can list at a handful of PPV matches that could counter that. Twice vs Rick Rude, Hogan and twice vs Savage  What is your opinion?

My take is he did his character the way that he and Vince McMahon wanted him to do it.  He was never going to be a 5 star classic guy, just like Hulk Hogan wasn't going to be one.  But that isn't what they were asked or needed to do.  He definitely had some good to very good matches in his career.

Is Anthem looking at any potential offers to move Impact to another network? They own AXS, so I know it’s easy to keep them on their own channel but couldn’t they get more money to have the show on another network?

Right now Impact is programming for their network.  It is a smart, synergistic move.  Now if a network came along and offered them something that significantly exceeded the value that they place on Impact being on AXS, I am sure Anthem would listen to the offer.

Has there ever been a contract share between organizations? For instance, Impact is TV only and so are NWA, AEW, ROH and MLW. Most tape on different nights while AEW is the only company that is live, outside of the WWE. Could Impact, MLW and NWA, for instance, negotiate with one wrestler to give him the good money and have him work at all three promotions (or even two)? Could Impact pay too much money for the Good Brothers and re-negotiate with them to make a deal with AEW to help cover some costs and also give the Good Brothers additional money to also appear on Dynamite?

First, only NWA is a TV only company.  The others will run live events again after he pandemic.  Could they work together?  Sure, there is nothing stopping them from doing so and Impact and AEW do it now.  But the flip side is if you the top dog, AEW, do you want to share your talents, that you get over on TNT, with other groups?  In most cases probably not.

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