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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-26 10:00:00

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The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson are both under 180 lbs and maybe 5'10" each. I don't disqualify them from the major belts and feuds because Eddie Guerrero was shorter so I get that they can mix it up with heavyweights and as long as they get the audience going that's all that matters, but why don't they ever wrestle like they are underdogs? When they're heels they'll take on anybody this side of 6'10" without a hesitation and as faces they routinely overpower guys who outweigh them by 100 lbs. I think it would actually be far more interesting if they occasionally were scared as heels and used their quickness to their advantage and as babyfaces if they showed they had to fight from underneath to get a victory. Instead every single match they wrestle whether heel or face they always seem to be at least the equal of whomever they fight and sometimes come across as if they have a physical advantage. Why??

Why?  Because they want to wrestle like they are actually big guys and don't want to acknowledge that they aren't.  I am with you 100 percent on this.  I can't get into them most of the time because they act like they are huge monsters.  To people that look at wrestling like a performance instead of a sport, that many not matter but to me, it does.  I watch wrestling to see people pretend to fight and be realistic.  The Bucks are not realistic to me most of the time.  I think they could be, for sure.  They could fight from underneath, a la The Rock And Roll Express, and I would believe in what they are doing much more if they did.  But, they don’t work their matches for people like me.

Loving the push Cesaro is finally getting. However I know Vince lives entertainment over wrestling. So I guess my question is who is Cesaro being used as filler for?

Thus far, no one.  I hope it stays that way.

As I was watching the Brian Pillman episode of Dark Side of the Ring, it got me thinking about other wrestlers who died of natural and not heinous causes, while on the active roster.  Did the WWE ever think about starting an in memoriam fund for the families?  Obviously, with the Guerreros they took very good care of Vicki and the family, but in the case of Brian Pillman, nothing was ever said, with the exception of that horrible interview on RAW and we all know what happened with Owen Hart.

I can't say if they ever thought of an official fund but I do know that over the years they have taken care of a lot of people quietly.

I'm a huge fan of the Broken Skull Sessions series. It's been great seeing Steve Austin do deep-dives into wrestling vets' careers, but since most of the biggest Attitude Era names have already appeared, do you think that The Rock will ever show up on the show one day? I can only imagine how fascinating that conversation would be.

Some day?  Sure, I could see it happening.  Right now?  Probably not.  Rock is super busy.  I could see it happening some day though, especially as a big push for Peacock.

Do you think that AEW would benefit from a Trios title? AEW has one of the most stacked tag divisions in all of wrestling, and it would give a lot of those acts (Jurassic Express, Dark Order, Hardy Family Office, et al) something to do on the show.

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the six person titles.  I think they ran their course.  If they created it they could use it for some acts to have something to fight for, as you mentioned.  That would be a positive and could have some benefit.

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