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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-24 10:00:00

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Will Velveteen Dream ever wrestle again, or do you believe the allegations (whether true or not) have ruined his career?

I think he probably will work somewhere at some point.  He is so young and he has time to turn around the perception of him if he really wants to put in the work.  Even if he doesn’t, once indies start running again I think someone will end up booking him.

With the move to TBS, I'll ask the most obvious question, what happens to the TNT title?

To be determined, for sure.  But you could make the case to keep it as is.  It could be defended four times a year on the TNT specials.  I like that idea better than renaming it the TBS Title.  It would take booking discipline to make it work and resist the urge to book it on TBS.  If they can’t do that, they should just rename it.

It's never a good thing to see talents being released, but seeing as how WWE released several NXT talents and officials today, was it a no-brainer for referee Drake Wuertz to be one of those to receive his release, given the timing and his outspoken spreading of misinformation about masks and COVID?

I am surprised it took them so long to be honest.  I would have fired him the time he wore his NXT shirt and ranted and raved to the school board in Florida.  Don’t misunderstand me, I respect that he has a right to his opinion (no matter how misguided I think it is).  But when you bring your employer into it, you put them in a position to react.  He deserved what he received.  He took an extreme stance and now he has to face the repercussions of what he said.

The zombie lumberjack angle puts WWE in a lose-lose situation when trying to explain the fallout of the match, because either we are supposed to believe that Miz and Morrison were literally eaten by zombies, or that the whole thing was a complete joke.  If you were in charge of cleaning up this mess, which direction would you go from here regarding this angle, and how would you bring Miz and Morrison back on TV?

They did it for a payday, that simple.  If I were them I would do what they usually do in this case and ignore it altogether. It’s not like they always explain things, just look at dead Bray Wyatt.

Could WWE run a tournament similar to Ring of Honor’s pure tournament from the early 2000’s?(IE, no closed fists and rope break limits) If not with the current roster, would it succeed better in the Ruthless Aggression era?

Could they?  Sure, if they wanted to.  They have an amazing roster of talent.

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