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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-19 10:00:00

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Did I really hear Corey Graves say on  Raw that when you steal something as a kid, your dad beats you?  What was he thinking?

I guess he was thinking he was being a heel, or just didn’t think at all.  On an indy show?  Fine.  On a company with a Be A Star campaign and trying to be kid friendly?  That wasn’t a great thing to say.

One of the people that stands out to me when watching Ring of Honor for the past few months is Quinn McKay. I think she's a tremendous backstage reporter and has the definite gift of the gab. Do you think she's a rising star in the making for the company?

She's really good, for sure.

Do you know if WWE has any plans to move NXT back to Full Sail and out of the CWC when the main roster goes back on the road?

That is the plan.  HHH said that a while back, once they can have fans again, they will be back to Full Sail.

Even though viewership for Raw has dropped below 2 million, they are still number one on cable each week.  Is it fair to say WWE has no incentive to shake things up creatively as long as they continue to remain number one in cable?

Short answer, yes.  Viewership for cable is down across the board from past highs so WWE is not alone there.  Being number one means something and WWE is usually in that spot.  The only impetus that they would have to change is if it came down from NBC Universal.

Hey guys, was wondering your thoughts on this: is Adnan Virk getting better each week or am I just getting used to him?

Given where he started, he has nowhere to go but up!  Seriously, he was thrown into the fire and it wasn’t fair to him.  To his credit, he has improved.  I thought he did pretty well on last weekend’s PPV.

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