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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-18 10:00:00

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When WWE first approached Apollo Crews with the Nigerian gimmick, I can't imagine he was too pleased with the idea of playing up to a racial stereotype with the fake accent and spear in this day and age.  Due to fear of losing his spot or even his job entirely, is a mid-card guy in Apollo's position essentially forced to go along with whatever gimmick or angle WWE comes up with, and would there be any heat or repercussions by management if he absolutely refused to go along with something he may not have agreed with?

First, I have no idea how Crews feels about doing the gimmick.  He may think he is honoring his roots, I don't know so I can't speak to that.  Force?  No.  A talent can always say no.  With that said, they also know the lay of the land realize that if they say no, they may be relegated into "got nothing for you" land.

Lots of blood on AEW TV these days.  Blading is one thing which you have talked about your disdain for, but when guys get busted open hardway, such as Cody and Christopher Daniels recently, should they have been more careful in protecting themselves from injury, or do you give them a pass due to poor luck and circumstance?

I think both actually.  Cody seems to have a spot where he gets busted open a lot so he and his opponents should try to work around it.  But, things also happen in a very physical sport like wrestling and there isn't much that can be done about that.

If WWE were to be sold, which buyer would be the safest hands they’d be under.  Disney, who owns Marvel, Fox Entertainment ESPN and Star Wars?  AT&T, who owns HBO and Warner brothers?  Or would selling the whole company to NBC Universal be the best bet?

I think any company that can afford the price WWE wants for the company would be fine.  If someone has billions to spend, they won’t do so to waste the money.  Personally, Comcast and Disney are where I would want them to land since they are so well heeled and have strong platforms in place.

If by somehow AT&T buys WWE, what happens to AEW?

They have a contract for their TV rights, as does WWE with with FOX and NBCU, so nothing would probably happen immediately.  Down the road?  It would make sense that AT&T would want to move WWE to their platforms.  I think AEW, if they continue to deliver the audience the way that they are now, would find a home somewhere else for sure.

Instead of AEW branding their Dynamites with “Fyter Fest” or “Winter is Coming” or any of that, would it be a better idea if there could be some quarterly Saturday show on TNT or HBO Max to have those names?

A better idea is only a better idea in this case if it comes with a payday.  If Warner wants to pay for the extra content, absolutely that makes sense.  If not, it makes perfect sense to build up big events on Wednesday because the TV rights deal is a primary source of income for the company.

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