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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-14 10:00:00


Where did Young Rock go?  

The first season ended.  They have been renewed for a second season, but no word when they go into production.

Yesterday, when you were asked about where WWE could go with the Alexa character, you tossed out some ideas about how wacky they could choose to go.  So, how you do feel about other websites and people on social media latching onto some of the ideas and reciting that you REPORTED THEY WERE HAPPENING?

I would say three things:

1 - Reading comprehension is very important.

2 - Refer to #1.

3 - Really, seriously, refer to #1 to make sure you don't look like a stupid by claiming we reported something we obviously did not.

Anyone who read what I wrote yesterday and took it as hard news really needs to take some reading 101 classes and should know I am sending Papa Shango to their home to vex them.

I watched Dark Side of the Ring with Nick Gage and I was amazed and disgusted by these Tournament of Death shows taking place in a field in the middle of nowhere.  Have you attended these shows?  Are they safe to attend?  Were you there when Gage was airlifted out?  What happened after this?  Was this the weirdest place you ever went for pro wrestling?

I have attended the Tournament of Death shows in the past.  They had been held at different locations befothere they were finally moved to a farm that was owned by the owned of CW, DJ Hyde.  I was not there when Gage was airlifted out.  After he was flown out, CZW had a multi-man match for their tournament final instead which was won by John Zandig, who then awarded it to Thumbtack Jack.

I still think the strangest place I ever went for wrestling was the basement of a housing project in the Lower East Side of NYC, which housed a wrestling school and live shows.  I haven't topped that one yet.

Have you ever met this guy?  

If you mean Nick Gage, I have met Gage dozens of times and he's never, ever treated me with anything but respect and kindness.  The one thing he almost always had said to me is that he appreciated the site covering the shows he was at.   I've nothing but nice things to say about him and I greatly respect his work ethic and the insanity that he uses to entertain his audience.  I hope nothing but the best for him personally.  As the episode showed, he certainly made mistakes but he has also persevered through some truly tragic things in his life and I'd like to see him find peace and happiness.

When did WWE film these Hidden Treasures episodes?

I believe they were shot in 2019 and edited last year.

Are we ever actually getting a WWE museum?

It remains to be seen.  I have always felt that a walk-through WWE attraction at the Universal Studios parks where they rotate items every few months would probably be the best.  I don't know how much long-term potential a brick and mortar permanent attraction would work but obviously, as someone who loves pro wrestling history, I'd like to see WWE launch such a thing.


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