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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-15 10:23:00

At this point, if Nick Khan and Triple H end up butting heads in the office, who’s winning?  And who do you think will win in the future?

That is an awesome question, it really is.  It’s really clear that right now WWE is being run by Khan’s hand.  He has more power than anyone else other than Vince that I can ever remember.  I think right now, Khan > HHH is crystal clear.  Down the road?  Well, that all depends.  If Vince were to suddenly pass, then the family’s stock would put them in charge of where the company goes from here.  On the flip side, I would not be shocked if Khan and Vince are actively looking to broker a deal to sell WWE, a la UFC.  If that were the case, whoever pays for the company would then decide who has the most power.

The 4 WWE megastars who debuted in 2002, John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and Batista have all had memes built around them in the past ten years.  Which is the most entertaining... “His Name is John Cena,” “RKO out of nowhere,” “Bork Lazer,” or “The Size of Batista’s... you know.”  Also, Cena now literally “can’t be seen,” and also has “Cena Wins LOL.”

I will go with RKO out of nowhere.

Pick a babyface tag team, any era.  Pick a heel tag team, any era.  What would be a dream tag team match for you?

I am not a deal match go.

How invested would you be in a Bret Hart vs Randy Orton program, leading to a match at, let’s say Summerslam?  Both are in their prime, Randy is the heel and Bret is the babyface.

If both were in their prime I would be interested at the start for sure.  If the Raw creative team were booking it, I would probably not care in two weeks.  If Smackdown’s creative were doing it, I would probably be super interested.

When WWE returns to packed arenas for TV and they go to New York City for their first Raw/Smackdown, is Madison Square Garden a must?  Or is the WWE/MSG bromance a thing of the past?

I think it’s somewhere in between.  It’s not what it was to the company, since they have become global (and MSG is expensive).  There can also go to the great building in Brooklyn.  With that said, there is a historical significance so they will return, for sure.  Maybe for a televised event, maybe for a house show, maybe both.

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