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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-12 10:00:00

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If Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose hadn't left WWE what was the direction or plans for The Shield?

There weren’t any long term plans that I heard of.  They would have gone back to being singles talents.

Look at the three major companies: AEW, NJPW, and WWE. Ten-fifteen years from now when we look back at this period in our history with COVID, would you say it was more of a success for the wrestling industry or more of a disappointment with the way they continued to march on?

I really don’t think it will be either.  You could always make the case that they could have gone dark for a while like other sports did, for sure.  But on the flip side, AEW and WWE didn’t suffer any major setbacks by running.

When you look at Cameron Grimes, do you see similarities with his current gimmick to JBL when he started his millionaire gimmick back in the spring of 2004? I’m getting a little bit of that watching Grimes.

Not really, no.  Grimes has a lot more comedy in what he is doing IMO.

Is it time to at least partially disband the Dark Order? I know they're a favorite of Tony Khan's and of course the tribute to Brodie Lee is such a big part of their existence but on Dynamite it seems they do nothing except run out en masse and try to foil heel attacks (I don't watch the Youtube shows so maybe they do more on there).  There's only about four members who have really distinct identities. Couldn't they just pare it down to the core group and give the rest something else to do?

I have thought that for a while now.  AEW has too many factions in the first place and Dark Order has way too many people in it.  I think instead of letting the cream rise it just paints everyone as being the same thing.  I would love to see the group break up and let the talents get a chance to shine outside of a gimmick I am not a big fan of.

Why are so many championship matches suddenly triple threat affairs?  Roman-Bryan-Edge at WM, Charlotte-Rhea-Asuka at Backlash, and Lashley-Drew-Braun at Backlash. It seems as if triple threat matches are Vince’s flavor of the month.  Going back to Mania, after weeks of building up Roman v. Edge into a match I was looking forward to watching, the addition of Bryan, at seemingly the last minute, obviously changed everything.  Could Edge have defeated Roman one-on-one?  Unfortunately, we’ll never know.  While I don’t mind the occasional triple threat match, too much of anything gets old quickly.  Ditto with interference from any number of talents leading to disqualification victories.  They too, seem very overused since the first of this year.

It’s absolutely a crutch that WWE creative likes to lean on.  That is the reason, they choose to do it (and in my opinion are just lazy in their storytelling).

Is it too much to ask that Vince be stricken with a sudden and overwhelming desire to retire?

When you said stricken I got concerned you were going to wish something bad on him.  So let me rephrase is and I will answer yes in advance: Wouldn’t it be great if Vince could look back on all he has accomplished and realize that he has nothing left to prove so he is going to retire and make the most of his golden years.   

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