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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-10 10:00:00

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I’m sure stage blood and blood capsules could be used to safely portray an open wound in a grudge match. Would you be ok with realistic fake blood usage in big blowoff matches...or are you a “no blood” guy period? Steel cages matches lost a lot of luster with no blood shown. Also, the UFC does not suffer from media/fan backlash from bloody affairs, so why can’t WWE use “movie magic” to enhance the appearance of their violent blowoff matches?

I have no issue with talents using fake blood.  I think movie magic would be fine.  In WWE’s case, they don’t think it fits in with their corporate philosophy.

After watching Chris Jericho on Broken Skull Sessions, Jericho said being placed #2 at WM 33 was his breaking point with WWE. Is the #2 spot the least prestigious spot on the card?

I agree with Jericho on that.  The opener of Mania starts the show off and gets things going.  The second match is like coming in second place in a race.

Why? Also, what is the most effective match order to capitalize on “crowd psychology” to sustain a hot crowd throughout the show?

It all depends on what the matches are you have and how invested the fans are in them and their storylines.

Is it better to stage undercard matches in between heavily promoted featured matches in a manner of “peaks & valleys” and have the semi-main event in the middle of the show - to spread out the action? Or, would you schedule a wrestling card in ascending order from the least built up matches to hot rivalries to the semi-main event and segueing directly to the main event if you want to keep the crowd momentum hot throughout the show?

Again, it all depends.  In general, if you have a big, emotional bout it’s always good to have a “come down” match afterward.

Just finished watching Blood And Guts and I was wondering why there were so many chair shots to the head?

The simple answer is because Tony Khan allowed it.  He is the owner and the booker and he let the talent do it.  It all falls on him.  He’s supposed to be the adult in the room and protect the talent.  I think he let them down.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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