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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-08 10:00:00


Any idea where Sasha Banks has disappeared to?

Well, they are filming season three of The Mandalorian currently, so that's probably the best guess.

I was wondering why WWE has backed off on releasing so many Blu-Rays?  I know they have leaned on the streaming content but they release DVDs but not Blu-Rays?

It's pretty easy as to why.  The Blu-Rays never sold in great quantity, so they pretty much dropped them with the exception of Wrestlemania.

I am watching Survivor Series and I am wondering who the identity of the Knights were (Black, Blue, Red) on Shawn Michaels' team were?

The Knights were Jeff Gaylord, The Brooklyn Brawler and Greg Valentine.  One of the Knights was originally going to be Terry Funk, but he decided against doing the role and flew home, leaving the outfit at the hotel's front desk for WWF to retrieve.  So, Brawler stepped in.

Where is Stevie Richards?

Richards live in the Atlanta area.  He recently filmed appearances for the forthcoming Starz' series Heels.

In the early 90s, before Hulk Hogan went to WCW, WWF was still the more popular of the companies but there was a massive exodus of talent to WCW, including. Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund, Big Bossman, Ric Flair, and Rick Rude just to name a few. Why did these people leave?  Were they released?  

Rick Rude left WWF after he was injured.  At the time, WWF was still advertising him in main event bouts for house shows, so his name was drawing the gate, yet he felt he wasn't being paid correctly, believing that he should have been paid for the houses drawn on his name.  When his deal expired, he signed with WCW, debuting in October 1991. 

Ric Flair asked for his release and got it in January 1993.  He and McMahon had an agreement where if he wasn't going to be used as a main event player, he could leave.  Shockingly enough, when he was moved out of main events, McMahon kept his word to Flair. 

Bobby Heenan and Gene Okerlund left in 1995 during a period where WCW was doling out top dollar contracts and health insurance as well.  WWF at that point didn't want to match the offers, so each left. 

Ray Traylor had left the company and moved on to working in Japan and later shifted over to WCW.

Why doesn't WWE own the Ready To Rumble movie? 

Warner Brothers produced and owned the movie.

Is it true Jimmy Snuka was going to be WWF Champion?

In his autobiography, Bob Backlund says that Vince McMahon Sr. had considered it and asked Backlund's opinion.  Bob warned him that Snuka's outside of the ring behavior might not be the best for someone carrying the title.   Obviously, Snuka never won the belt.  Whether he was ever planned, I can't say but it was at least fleetingly considered.  

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