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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-09 10:00:00

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I saw how AEW got over a million viewers for Blood And Guts and how they considered it a success and was wondering why they think that’s good? They drew more viewers for the first 2 weeks unopposed last week had a Presidential address so that’s a wash but with the advertising and promotion for this episode I felt 1 million was a disappointment.

They were the number one program for the evening on cable in the demographic.  They celebrated that, and rightfully so.  With that said, while I would absolutely call the number a success, given the main event I was expecting them to surpass what they did on their first week alone on Wednesday.

As I was watching Chris Jericho on top of the cage at the end of Blood and Guts, it was blatantly obvious he was holding a blade in the palm of his hand, and sure enough, he ended up blading while up there.  Like you, I strongly disagree with the use of blading in this day and age, but if you are going to do it, shouldn't a veteran like Jericho have been able to hide it better, especially when you know the camera is zoomed in on you, and considering a large part of the AEW audience is probably familiar with what blading is?

Yes, you should.  For sure.  If you are going to take a razor blade and slice yourself up to make it appear you opponent forced you to bleed, you should at least not expose the illusion.

There have been at least 3 instances that I can think of during AEW's existence when a wrestler licks his or her opponent's blood.  AEW's overuse of blading is one thing, which I suppose a wrestler can justify if they think it adds to the match, but how would they explain that the absolutely disgusting and extremely unsafe practice of licking another's fresh blood adds to a match, enough to justify doing it as many times as they have in AEW so far?

I can’t justify any of it.  I know a lot of people loved the main event, and that’s their right.  Me?  I was disgusted by it and was embarrassed to be associated with the business by the time it was over.  In 2021, we should not see people blading, or licking blood, or taking chair shots to the head, or getting thrown down a flight of steps, but here we are.  I would rather watch a boring episode of Raw than watch something like that. Again, I realize that some people like it, and that’s fine.  I don’t.

Why were the announcers saying Jericho fell onto concrete when it was obviously a cardboard crash pad?

They were selling what it was supposed to be.  They sure weren’t going to say, “Look at how they cushioned the fall so Jericho wouldn’t get hurt, or as hurt, from falling all that way!”

Secondly, while I appreciate AEW does these stunts safely but why do they make it so obvious that’s it’s a cardboard crash pad? Isn’t there a way that they could do this and make it look more realistic or at least use better camera angles to give the illusion that he might be seriously injured?

That was their goal, for sure.  But that isn’t the kind of thing that you practice and you never know for sure how the impact will come across until you do it.  I won’t kill them from trying to keep him safe(r).  He’s a 50 year old man with a lot of miles on him.  I think he is insane for even taking the bump, no matter how gimmicked the stage was.

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