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By Anthony Pires on 2021-05-04 17:28:00


One week away from her televised ROH match, Quinn McKay welcomes us to tonight's show.  Tracey Williams makes his first attempt to defend the ROH World TV tonight vs. Tony Deppen.  Quinn reminds us that she will not be hosting next week.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman have the call of tonight's action.

Flamita vs Bandido

Quinn tries to get a few words in with Flamita and Bandido prior to their entrance.  Bandido, possibly very naïve, thinks he can bring Mexisquad. No code of honor as they slug it out at the offset.  We get a FAST series of holds, reversals and escapes.  Bandido misses a charge and gets dropkicked to the outside.  Framita with a Tope Suicida to the outside as we go to commercial.

Back in the ring and back to action, Flamita stomps away in the corner and nails a Helluva kick for 2.  Backhand elbow by Bandido as he escapes a DDT.  To the top, Bandido nails a corkscrew cross body.  Bandido hits a flying headscissors with a setup I have never ever seen before.  It was though he made 3-4 full rotations around Flamita's body before nailing it.  Flamita rolls to the outside.  Bandido nails a dive over the top.  Bandido slams Flamita's knee several times against the post, with the assist of a broom.  Referee Todd Sinclair seems to be relaxing the rules. Bandido stomps down on the kne, showing more aggresssion than usual.  Back outside, Flamita is able to reverse a whip and send Bandido into the barricade.  Sinclair is applying the count.  Flamita stops the count and immediately goes back out.  They are slugging it out whilst balanced on the barricade.  Bandido with a standing hurancanrana off the barricade.  Both make it back in just before the 20 count as we go to commercial.

Ric Flair and Dave Marquez make me want to use CarShield.

We're back and they're exchanging forearms.  Big kick by Flamita but an amazing crucifix driver by Bandido for 2.  Bandido misses a charge and Flamita with a 450 for 2.  Bandido escapes a muscle buster and slaps on a side knee bar.  It's now a chop fest, these guys are hitting HARD.  Cutter by Bandido and a superkick by Flamita.  Flamita goes up top but Bandido stops him.  Bandido with what I can only describe as a springboard snap hurancanrana for 2.  Bandido with a GTS but Flamita with a low blow out of the sight of Sinclair, who'd been knocked to the side accidentally. Flamita scores the pin.

WINNER: Flamita

Go out of your way to watch this one.  Incredible action and Bandido may be the most underrated talent in pro wrestling today.

Brian Milonas joins the commentary desk.  He wants to know why he's not BCB's partner tonight.  OGK with pre match comments about needed to win here as they seek the ROH World Tag Team Title.  

Ken Dixon and Beer City Bruiser vs. The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett)

Dixon attacks before a code of honor can he adhered to.  Dixon goes to work on Taven with a series of elbows in the corner.  Taven with a dropkick and Dixon rolls out. He avoids a sunset flip but Bennett nails him with a rock bottom on the apron.  Taven avoids strikes and nails a Purple Thunder Bomb on Dixon for 2.  Taven tags in and hits Dixon with chops.  Boot to the the face by Taven he nails a lariat.  Ian reminds us that the OGK are former ROH and IWGP Tag Team Champions.  Bruiser tags in and nails Bennett with a shoulder tackle as we go to commercial.

We're back and Dixon is in there maintaining wrist control on Bennett.  Dixon misses a clothesline and Bennett sets up a Spicoli Driver.  Bruiser with the save.  Taven with a Russian Leg Sweep to Bruiser and a DDT to Dixon.  Bruiser is legal and misses a sit down drop on Taven, who gets a 2 count.  Milonas at the booth is really hoping he and Bruiser can patch things up for a run at the ROH World Tag Team Title.  Bennett with a suplex on Bruiser, he tags in Taven, who eats a right hand.  Here comes Dixon, who take out Bennett and hits a powerslam but makes a rookie mistake by rolling off a pin attempt. Bennett with the blind tag.  Bennett with a stunner off of a Taven dropkick for the pin.


Bennett reaches under the ring and hands Taven a beer bottle and gives Bruiser his receipt from a few weeks ago.  Here come Milonas from the booth and argues with Taven.  Milonas checks on Bruiser.  He tells Bruiser he was right all along.  Milonas beats the ever loving heck out of Ken Dixon.  The Bouncers hug and are back together.

ROH World TV Title: Tracy Williams (ROH TV Champion) vs. Tony Deppen

Code of Honor adherd to.  Williams with a go behind takedown, he slap on a reverse chinlock into an armbar.  Deppen reverses into a hammerlock rollup for 1.  They lockup and Deppen gives us a clean break.  Forearms by Deppen, Williams fires back.  Williams from a hangman position applies a surfboard.  Deppen escapes but gets rolled up for 2.  Deppen with a single leg and a double stomp.  Deppen nails Williams' shoulder and they exchange chops on the apron.  Kick to the jaw by Deppen.  Enziguiri by Deppen, Williams slumps to the floor.  Tope cannonball by Deppen, he hits a reverse atomic drop and a cross body for 2.  

Deppen with chops.  Williams counters with a back elbow and a DDT into the buckle for 2.  Facelock by Williams, Deppen makes the ropes.  The 2 exchange forearms.  Spicolin driver for 2 by Williams.  Deppen rolls him up for 2 and nails 2 closed fist punches.  Deppen nails a hammerlock where gets a front chancery position.  Williams makes the ropes.  Deppen misses a double stomp.  Williams with a piledriver for 2, Deppen made the ropes.  Williams fires away but Deppen ties him up and rolls him over for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Deppen (New ROH World TV Champion)

Violence Unlimited comes out to celebrate with the new champion as we go to credits.

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