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By Eric Denton on 2021-05-04 13:15:00


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Recap

Episode 518
Photos by Justin Cotterell

Todd Keneley, James Kincaid & Blake “Bulletproof” Troop are our hosts this week. The Hogsmen reunite for a tag team title shot against The Bodega. It’s time to fight on!

Mylo Matters vs. Viva Van (Halston Boddy & Jamie Iovine)

Lock up and they trade go behinds and arm bars. Van with some strikes to gain the advantage. Side headlock and Matters shoots Van off and hits her with a strike. Van is down and gets locked in another arm bar. Van escapes and goes into the corner where she is monkey flipped. Matters with a pin attempt and a one count. Van is up and sweeps the leg. Full mount by Van and strikes rain down on Matters. Van throws Matters into the ropes and hits her with a clothesline. Matters gets free from Van and delivers multiple clotheslines and a drop kick of her own. Pinning predicament for a two count. Van gets up and grabs Matter’s arm and throws elbows to her face. CeCe Chanel runs in with a 2x4 and hits Van in the back!

Your Winner by DQ - Viva Van

CeCe threatens Boddy & Iovine. Halston grabs the mic and announces Chanel vs. Van at Coastline Clash

John Roberts with Howdy Price and his new stud stable of Levi Shapiro, Anthony Idol and Honest John. Howdy says he’s giving Jack Cartwright one more shot at Levi’s Television Title then they’re sending him to the glue factory.

Wasted Youth (Adriel Noctis & Sketch) vs. Honest John & Anthony Idol

Noctis and John start. Noctis with arms drags to John but misses an elbow drop. John flees to the corner and tags in Idol. Noctis tags in Sketch. Idol with a big size difference, he batters Sketch and Sketch ends up in the tree of woe. Idol hits him with a splash and tags Honest John back in. He taunts Noctis and the referee gets involved. Suplex to Sketch. Sketch kicks out of a pin attempt and brings the small John into Wasted Youth’s corner and a tag to Noctis. Side suplex to John and a cover for one. Reverse chin lock and John fights out with elbow shots. Sketch and Idol tag back in. Idol with a big clothesline to Sketch followed up with a power bomb. Idol tags in John allowing Sketch to tag Noctis. John with a suplex and a head kick to Noctis who tags Sketch back in. Sketch with a snap German to John. Tag to Idol who hits “Idol Overdrive” for the pin.

Your Winners - Anthony Idol & Honest John

Idol & John are with Emily Mae in the interview area. Honest John steals something out of Adnan’s pocket and they split. Sketch & Noctis are not getting along after their loss and Dan Joseph shows up and throws a tantrum about them being bad teammates.

Sweet Robin Shaw vs Piranacanrana.

Shaw takes his time squashing Piranacanrana who gets in very little offense and it doesn’t work when he does. Hits him with the Sweet Embrace piledriver for the pin.

Your Winner - Sweet Robin Shaw

After the match Shaw challenges Gentleman Jervis to a match at Coastline Clash.

Jack Farmer with Action Braxton, Fresco Maddox & Watson. They’re their to steal the spotlight as the new dominant faction called F.A.M.E. (F All My Enemies).

Watson vs. Jordan Cruz

Cruz gets off to a hot start with some arm drags and a dropkick to control Watson. Watson is able to dump Cruz to the outside by Braxton & Maddox, he thinks better of it and tries to get back in the ring where Watson clotheslines him on the top rope. Ref is distracted and Cruz gets beat up by Fresco & Action. Cruz put back in the ring and Watson hammers him in the corner with fists and then bites him. Watson let’s Cruz go who staggers to the ropes and he’s hit with a high knee, pin attempt and kick out at two. Cruz tries to fire back with a clothesline, dropkick and blockbuster combo. Watson kicks out. Cruz gets distracted by Braxton and is hit with a spear. 1,2,3.

Your Winner - Watson

After the match Flex McCallion attacks Cruz. Richie Slade hits Cruz with a chair in the mouth. They spray paint BC on his back. Flex let’s Cruz know he gets a Hollywood Heritage title shot at Coastline Clash.

Emily Mae interviews CeCe Chanel and she is happy she is free of Jamie Iovine and she’s excited about getting a shot at Viva Van.

The Hogsmen (“The American Kaiju” Devin Sparks & “El Numero Uno” Mike Camden) vs. The Bodega (Papo Esco & Slice Boogie substituting for Danny Limelight) for the United World Tag Team Championship.

Boogie starts with Camden who counters a sunset flip and drops an elbow. Irish whip into the corner and Boogie hits Camden with an elbow of his own. Boogie gives Camden a back breaker but also misses and elbow drop. Tag to Sparks. He covers Boogie multiple times trying to get him to tire from kick outs. Honest John comes out and talks with Camden. Camden tags back in and they continue to isolate Slice Boogie. He’s able to escape and makes a tag to Papo Esco who clean house with power moves. Sparks with a punch but little damage but he keeps up until Esco goes to a knee. Sparks takes his eye off and is hit with a body block. Esco puts Sparks in the corner and splashes him. Tags in Boogie who hits the Slice Bomb drop elbow off the second rope. Tag back to Papo after a two count. Esco holds up Sparks so that Boogie can hit a springboard elbow to his face. Stacked pin attempt but Sparks kicks out. Esco ties up Sparks into a half-crab. Camden breaks it up. He’s knocked out of the ring. Esco sets up Sparks to get hit by a running move by Slice but Boogie’s leg is grabbed by Guy Tweakacetti. Midnight Heat run in and attack The Bodega. Idol and Honest John run in and brawl with The Hogsmen as the show goes off the air.

No Contest

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