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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-03 08:40:00

Coastal Championship Wrestling ran Bash at the Brew 4 on 5/1 at the Unbranded Brewing Company featuring the following results:

*Andy English, Stefan Rivera, and Chris Farrow defeat Vic Arson, Miami Mike, Nazir Santana w/ Lew Spector

*CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens defeats Anthony Catena

*Heddi Karaoui defeats S2S

*Agony defeats Noah King

*The Guadalupe Brothers defeat The Midnight Tribe Sage Scott and Jake St. Patrick

*No Disqualification Match: Alex Ocean defeats Will Austin via blood stoppage.

*CCW Women’s Champion Marina Tucker defeats Yaide.

*CCW Tag Team Champions The South American Alliance Ariel Levy and Vinicious defeat The Cha Cha Juggernauts Cha Cha Charlie and Vince Steele by DQ.


The promotion is streaming a weekly Tuesday series at  

The promotion has dates on 5/15 in Nashville, TN with Super Crazy and Thom Lattimer for Luchamania 2, 5/22 in Pompano Beach, Florida, 6/5 back in Hialeh and 6/19 in Fort Lauderdale with Brian Cage. 

There will also be a Super Crazy seminar on 5/15 in Nashville.

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