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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-03 10:00:00

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I don’t like talking about governmental politics and wrestling, but could Vince McMahon’s booking style be related to the fact that he is a staunch Conservative and Conservatives have difficulty with change? I’m not sure if that is true or not but I just look at Vince’s view of the world and how he books talent, etc and I just can’t make sense of it.

I don’t think it’s political but on definition of conservative is “averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.”  That sure sounds like Vince’s booking to me because he hasn’t changed a bit.

Does the NHL and NBA on TNT pose a problem for AEW Dynamite? What about the new show?

To be determined.  It depends on whether TNT decides to put games on Wednesday night or not.  They could put them on TBS, at least during the regular season.  Once the playoffs come, they will probably get moved.  As for the other show, we have to see it get on the air first.

I just caught up to the Dynamite episode where MJF turned on Jericho and I read where people didn’t understand how it would have worked if the Inner Circle turned on Jericho when MJF already had a group lined up. I thought it made perfect sense. MJF would have broken up the Inner Circle and then he would have had the Pinnacle destroy Hager and Proud & Powerful. The Inner Circle wouldn’t be able to unite against the Pinnacle team because they wouldn’t be able to trust each other and the Pinnacle would have neutralized it’s only threat. Didn’t work out that way but that would have made sense to me. Same with QT Marshall mentioning how he can’t even see his wife despite an angle with Bunny a few months earlier. If that is something that QT deals with, he is definitely someone who might be manipulated into a relationship with someone he works with who teamed with the woman married to the subject of his bitter tirade. Why do fans want complex storylines but then don’t want to do complex thinking to make a storyline make sense? Easier to bash a company’s logic than to give it some thought?

No, I think it’s easier for people to make excuses for something that you love that to accept valid criticism about it.  If you have to do deep thought to have a story "make sense" in wrestling, they aren't telling you a good story.

So The Street Profits, Bayley, Jeff Hardy, King Corbin, and the Mysterios all literally carry the company during the empty arena part of the pandemic...yet NONE of them are rewarded with a spot at a 2-day Wrestlemania? Along with Charlotte, most of them are easy 1st ballot Hall of Famers, but Vince could not find a spot for ANY of them at Wrestlemania 37? If I were them, I would feel “some kind of way” about this big time snub. How would you feel if you were them? Is the WWE roster so big and deep that Vince didn’t notice...or is this another example Vince’s bad booking?

I agree with you, at least in some of the examples you gave.  For me, the most egregious one was Bayley.  I have no idea how they could justify not putting her on the show.

After a couple of weeks all by themselves on Wednesday night, AEW Dynamite has gone over 1 million viewers.  Thinking back to the Monday Night Wars a big reason WCW was able to overtake WWE was signing away big names from WWE.  Do you think that is what it would take in this day and age for AEW to ever compete with Raw and Smackdown?  If so, what WWE talent would it take?

I honestly don’t think it would take WWE talent.  It would take hot storylines that people invest in.  Maybe if they got someone like CM Punk, that would move the needle, but I really don’t think even if they got Roman Reigns that would move the needle to where it needed to stay.

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