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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-28 10:00:00

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Where has Bobby Fish been?

He is rehabbing the arm injury he suffered at Takeover War Games.

Riddle….Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times)….any difference?

Yes, Spicoli was entertaining since he wasn't a pro wrestler.  Riddle as a dopey stoner?  Not so much.

Other than “because this is what Vince wants,” when it comes to Shane vs. Braun at Wrestlemania, why?  Shane calling Braun stupid is something I’d expect from 6 – 7 year old kids, not two grown men.  Shane pouring (?)green paint(?) on Braun looked very much like the slime that was a major part of several Nickelodeon programs 20 or so years ago, which again reinforces the childishness of this “feud.”.  And finally, Super Shane is very noticeably slower and less able to compete like he once did.  As I recall, the last time Shane executed his signature move, a Coast To Coast with a trash can, his toes barely touched the can.  So if Braun doesn’t squash Shane like an inexperienced jobber, what does this say about “the monster among men?”

My take, and it’s just that, is that they wanted the name value of “McMahon” on the show since so many other old-timers weren’t appearing.  That’s what happens when you don’t make new stars, you have to go back to the old timers.  It’s exactly how the business shouldn’t be.

With Wrestlemania being in Tampa and Hulk Hogan being one of the hosts for it and since he lives in the area, would this be a good time for him to say his good-bye to wrestling once and for all?  Can't see him doing that one last great match with anyone anywhere anytime or else he probably would have done it by now.  This seems like a great time and place for him to possibly go out in style, to thank the fans for all the years, thank the WWE for all they have done for him, etc etc.

I don’t think he is ready to do that yet, and I wouldn’t be either if I were him.  There are still some paydays ahead for him, especially if Peacock wants him to appear for shows or one of the foreign countries want him on an event there.  If you officially say goodbye, you look really bad when you come back.

Will the Andrade release have any effect on Charlotte?

I wouldn’t think so.  She is a made woman in WWE.  I think the company knows what a star she is and will treat her accordingly.

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