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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-26 10:00:00

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Is there any reason why Mustafa wasn't involved in New Jack's Dark Side of the Ring episode other than he just didn't want to do it?

That is probably it.  He and Jack went their separate ways a long time ago plus the show was about Jack and his actions over the years.  Mustafa wasn't part of that.  It should be noted Mustafa did take part in Vice's After Dark episode about Jack, which saw The Gangstas reunite virtually.

If Mark Carrano took most or all of the heat for the Mickie James trash bag incident, unless Carano was the actual person directly responsible, shouldn't John Laurinaitis take the brunt of that heat, since he is Carano's superior?  Why has Laurinaitis been given a free pass when he oversees all of talent relations?

There are couple of things here.  One, given his position, Carano was definitely someone high enough in the organization to take the responsibility, and fall, for the reprehensible practice.  Mike Eps and I talked about this a lot on Saturday’s show.  As you move up an organizational hierarchy, the responsibilities of the person in the position become more and more macro.  Also, remember that Laurinaitis just recently returned to the position so the case could be made that he is still new in the role.  Personally, I am fine with Carano taking the fall here.

Why wouldn't two brand-exclusive men's Money in the Bank ladder matches (one for RAW and one for SmackDown) work in the WWE these days, would that eliminate the women's Money in the Bank ladder match as a result?

To me, one match is two too many.  I thinking having two men's briefcases would just make a bad concept worse.

In all your years, have you ever heard of actual creative team members "standing up" to Vince, when it comes to booking decisions, and Vince actually agreeing? When I say stand up, I don't mean in a belligerent way, I mean in a constructive, creative, collaborative manner? I'm thinking maybe Vince Russo, Brian Gewirtz or Chris Kreski had some sway back in the Attitude Era, but what about in the last 10-15 years? Are there names you know of who have fought for their ideas and Vince has gone for them?

I know of a lot of members that have pitched ideas to Vince.  But he is an alpha male and the boss.  Everyone that works for him knows that if they fight strongly for an idea, if Vince doesn’t like it they will probably not be let down gently.  They realize, much like Triple H and Shawn Michaels talked about in a past interview, there is a certain way you have to approach Vince with ideas.  It’s just the way it is.

Along the same lines, are there creative members that you know of who have been punished or fired for trying to not simply book for the boss?

Here’s the deal, if you don’t book for the boss, you don’t stay on the creative team, and that is as it should be.  If the boss lays out guidelines for a person to follow and they don’t do what they are instructed to do, they are insubordinate and deserve to be let go.  It’s Vince’s product, he has the final say.

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