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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-25 10:00:00

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I was watching possibly the worst episode of 2000s Nitro featuring Ric Flair wrestle Vince Russo.  It gets more absurd.  Ric Flair takes a bump from a shoulder tackle from Russo.  I’ll repeat myself.  RIC FLAIR takes a SHOULDER TACKLE BUMP from VINCE RUSSO.  One more time, RIC FREAKING FLAIR, arguably the greatest wrestler of all time... BUMPS... for buggy whip arm VINCE RUSSO!!!  Your thoughts on this?

I think it shows why Vince Russo should never, ever be allowed to book anywhere, ever again.  He was a one hit wonder.

I know you weren’t a fan of Brock being in the title picture all the time, but it’s been over a year now since we’ve seen him, and both current champs have a nice fresh coat of paint, plus Brock would most likely be challenging as a babyface so it would be fresh.  With that said, which would be a more interesting matchup Brock vs Roman or Brock vs Lashley?  The Beast vs The Tribal Chief or The Beast vs The Almighty?

Both would be great.  Lashley and Brock would have the MMA aspect.  But Roman and Brock would have the top guy aspect, plus Paul Heyman.  I will go with Roman.

I asked a question about if Tony Khan should make a play to get Brock in AEW and you said no.  But what about New Japan?  He has history there, plus he’d be a bigger star this time going in.  And, think about it, Brock vs Okada to main event Wrestle Kingdom in the Tokyo Dome, for the IWGP championship!  Okada could be challenging to get THAT belt away from the Brock Lesnar witness protection program.

Sure, they could make a play but the bottom line is this, Brock likes to make a lot of money to travel minimally.  Tokyo is a LONG way from his farm and I just don’t see him choosing them over WWE, if WWE comes calling again.

Finally, IF Brock goes elsewhere, without Heyman, who could be his mouthpiece?  Jim Cornette maybe, among others?  Or should he just cut promos in pre tapes like he’s talking about his matches like UFC fights?

I think if he goes anywhere else, he does his own talking.  There isn’t a lot of that needed in Japan.  In AWE, he wouldn’t really need to do long promos.  The country knows who he is.  I would just let him do short and sweet, I am going to kill you promos.

Could you see WWE making the ill choice to run Raws and Smackdowns in the Southern States like Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Nevada and all the other states dumb enough to drop Covid restrictions too early?  There’s probably like 10-15 cities in those states that could give them a crowd.

First, Nevada isn’t a southern state.  It’s a blue state now and our Governor has take the virus very seriously.  With that said, I don’t see them doing that.  It costs a lot of money to take the show on the road while costs are fixed at the ThunderDome.  Plus, I don’t see WWE wanting the optic of a barely full stadium for their shows.

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