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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-20 10:00:00

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For the past two years, the WWE Draft has taken place in October and then shortly after, in November, we have had Survivor Series, where, allegedly, the brands are fighting for their brand pride, although they might have switched just a few weeks ago.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to hold the draft, right around now, shortly after WrestleMania, and treat WrestleMania as a true “season finale” and then fresh starts a couple weeks later?

I am with you.  It makes zero sense to do the draft in October and then have people that just joined a show to fight for brand pride.  It’s one of those things that if someone just applied a little logic, it would get fixed.  But, logic is in short supply in WWE creative.

So WWE releases Tucker, Kalisto, and Mickie James after Vince decided to break them off from successful acts/pairings that were connecting with fans, doesn’t book them on TV for months on end, then fired them. Also, Vince breaks up The Iconics, only to pair Billie Kay with random partners and gives her a dumb gimmick where she begs to tag with people who mock her - that Kay actually got over! Peyton Royce changes her look, improves in the ring, and defeated Bayley with her new finisher, then Vince never uses her again. It seems like Vince ruins his own mid card acts, then blames them for not getting over, and fires them for his creative mistakes. Is this a correct analysis? Is Vince too arrogant to see he is not only hurting his own product, but actively killing the careers of his own wrestlers who once dreamt of working for WWE?

That is definitely an analysis that I agree with, for sure.

I get why the Celebrity Wing of the Hall of Fame exists, but what is the point of the Legacy Wing?  I ask this because, not only are the inductees not announced beforehand, apparently WWE thought so little of the induction of Ethel Johnson that, on top of getting some facts about her wrong, they didn't even notify her family that she was being inducted!  The Legacy inductees do nothing to draw attention to the festivities like the celebrity inductions do, so why does it even exist?

It’s there because they want to honor stars from the past.  I don’t have a problem with it.  It’s WWE’s Hall, they can do what they want.

So, what has the better chance of happening?  CM Punk coming back to the WWE for one more run or you winning the lottery?

Punk coming back to WWE.  The lottery isn’t available in Nevada so I don’t play.

Why was Drew McIntyre put in the 3 way main event on Raw? He lost fair and square where as Orton and Strowman both won at WrestleMania.

From a booking standpoint it made no sense at all, for the reason you stated.

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