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By Dave Scherer on 2021-04-18 10:00:00

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Seeing AEWs monster 1.2M audience being unopposed had me wondering. Being that Chris Jericho made his appearance on Steve Austin’s show on the WWE Network directly after the highest rated show of the much impact would that have had on AEWs number this week?  Especially with casual fans that tune in WrestleMania and see Jericho is on a different show on Wednesdays.

That could definitely be a factor, sure.  People surely could have tuned in to Mania and saw Jericho was on after fact and found out about AEW.  I also think a factor (I have no idea how big) were the viewers that didn’t know or forgot that NXT moved to Tuesday so when they tuned in on Wednesday and didn’t see NXT, they turned on AEW.  Whatever the factors, it was a fantastic number for AEW and I hope that they can maintain it going forward.  It would be great both them and the business overall.

Much like most things the women wrestlers do which is completely unrealistic (aside from a few notable exceptions). The fake tears thing that Charlotte did on Raw last week really bugs me. What the eff is it? Am I the only one annoyed by that?

If a character is doing fake tears to mock, that’s part of being a heel.  When they genuinely shed tears of joy?  I love it.  Emotion helps the viewer invest with the person.

Why do WWE have so many competent wrestlers in NXT and bad wrestlers in the two main brands? Surely Quality Control is important?

I think WWE has mostly extremely competent wrestlers up and down the roster.  Sure, some need some polish but overall?  I don’t see many bad wrestlers.

I want to follow up on a question you recently answered of mine on WWE & AEW booking.  In your answer you stated you’re glad I enjoy Tony Khan’s booking.  That’s not really true, I can just tolerate it enough compared to Vince’s that I can actually watch Dynamite.  I can’t stand main roster WWE.  As a follow up question, what is the ideal booking scenario in your opinion?  One guy like McMahon or Khan who hopefully gets it and is the final decision maker?  Or maybe a group or committee with equal footing who can work together and point out logic flaws and just plain bad ideas?  I think the latter would be better.  What say you?

I don’t think there is just one way.  If you have a person that is a visionary, that person can handle it all by themself.  But I also think input from others is a good thing. I think the optimal scenario is one person making the final say and a few trusted people offering suggestions and ideas to that person.  Also, I think it’s also good to listen to ideas that the talents themselves have.  Obviously, some of them won’t be good, but other times you get things like Steve Austin suggesting Stone Cold.  I like a situation where creativity is encouraged and allowed to flow through the process.

Was Wrestlmania really delayed because of rain, or is it because Shane McMahon secretly climbed onto the pirate ship and started sweating profusely?

I can see how you would wonder that but in this case, it was an actual storm.

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