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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-15 21:37:00

Some more details on Mauro Ranallo coming in for Rebellion, which was broken earlier this evening by ESPN.

As of this evening, Mauro Ranallo is only coming in for the Impact Wrestling Rebellion PPV, but obviously, the door could be open for more down the line.  We are told this came together over the last several weeks with the idea Mauro coming in to add to the grandeur of the title vs. title unification main event. has confirmed Ranallo was at Impact's studio last night, doing voiceovers for a video package previewing the Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega match as well as this Tuesday's This is Rebellion special for AXS TV.

There should be an official announcement coming shortly from Impact Wrestling about Ranallo's involvement with the Rebellion PPV on 4/25.

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