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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-04-15 09:34:00

Covid-19 has changed everything. It has single-handedly turned our lifestyle inside out. 

When this virus hit the globe, we literally had to adjust every single thing and are now living in what most call the “New Norm”.

Although some proven vaccines are now on the way, there is still a lot of work to be done. As a lot of businesses are simply not in business anymore.

Many of which are struggling, and a whole bunch of them have filed for bankruptcy.

So how do you sell when there's no one walking into your shop anymore?

It’s Time To Pivot

Pivoting in business is a very popular tactic. It basically means doing something that you've never done before, so you can turn a profit. Doing something different basically. Many businesses, especially manufacturing companies during this period, have pivoted big time. They would rather sell something else than go back to the 9 to 5 grind.

Clothing manufacturers are now selling face masks, and related PPE medical gear. This is a classic example of pivoting in business. Best part, they are making a lot of money. In some cases, even more than before.

At the very least, they are definitely getting by just fine. Plus who knows, after the pandemic, they might have two solid streams of income.

The one they already had prior to the pandemic and now this new one. 

Not too shabby at all.

Start Tweeting

If you didn't have a Twitter account before, you better get one now. 

Although Facebook is considered old news, Twitter is still used by literally everyone. All age groups are on Twitter. Even the younger crowd that hangs on TikTok.

It actually seems like the Facebook business crowd has now migrated to Twitter (Along with other social media outlets). As Twitter is just a much better platform for putting out immediate messages. 

These tweets can connect with your customers / clients directly and you can share your immediate discounts or sales news almost right away.

However, let's not forget that  in most cases, your clients or customers are not allowed to come into your physical stores right now. So you must have an online presence or you can deliver the goods or services that you are promising.

This leads to the third thing that you must do if you want to get through the pandemic and possibly explode your sales right after.

Start a Website

If you don't have a fully functioning website, you need to get one immediately. 

No we're not just talking about a nice looking corporate website. We bet you already have one of those (At least we hope so). We’re talking about something that actually receives payments and delivers your goods if possible (If they are digital).

If you're not receiving payments online, you are missing out on a lot of sales. If your products are not going international, then you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table.

During the pandemic, even small mom and pop stores added “online shopping carts” to their website just so they can receive payments. Including restaurants offering ethnic foods. Our point is everyone is doing it and their businesses are staying a float.

So get in the website game right away. 

Time To Do Something New

If you love your business, keep fighting and keep at it. However, if this is not the first time that your business has come to a halt, and it feels more like it's something that's draining your energy versus re-energizing you, then maybe it's time to just do something new. 

Perhaps, it's just a sign to start doing something else all together. There are lots of people out there who took this pandemic as an opportunity to finally do something that they always wanted to do. It wasn't as elaborate as what they did before perhaps but boy was it satisfying to the soul.

We would like to share a story about a person in his mid 50s who recently lost their job because of Covid-19. They were actually in a decent industry but things just didn't pan out. Next thing you know, they got into construction. 

From an office job, to a hard labor construction job in your 50s.  Can you imagine that?  

However, this individual was determined to provide for his family. One thing led to another and it turns out, this person actually loved singing and was pretty good at it too.

He was so well-liked within his group of new peers that a day actually pushed him to release a music video.

Few weeks later, they are on the local Canadian news. In this gentleman's exact words, “If it wasn't for the pandemic, this music video would have never been made”.

So what is that you've been longing for all these years? 

Maybe it's time to go for it. Maybe it's time to let go of every other anchor, excuse, trauma in your body and just go for it. 

It's time to make your music video. 

Whatever that is to you.


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