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By Eric Denton on 2021-04-15 09:48:00

YOUNG ROCK - NBC - My Baby Only Drinks The Good Stuff

The Rock shows up at food truck to apologize to Philly voters that he ate a cheese steak “protein style” which offended the locals. He reminds everyone he lived in Bethlehem for a time where he was a bad kid, lying, stealing and fighting. But he really liked a girl and knows how to ask for a second chance.

Dewey shows up at Hot Karen’s house at 6:15 am to explain he had a family obligation and he didn’t stand her up on purpose.

Back at home Rocky is trying to apologize and romance Ata after he was overheard on the phone being asked to go party at the wrestling convention he was at. Dewey returns home and Rocky won’t let Dewey and Gabe a ride to school in a nice car instead of the pizza delivery car Gabe was driving. Rocky almost runs out of gas and gets Gabe to pay for it. The boys get dropped off and the Dewey doesn’t want to enter by the football field because he gets harassed by the football coaches where they heckle him like a woman walking by a construction site. Dewey tells Gabe he’s only interested in Karen, not football.

Rocky is with Ata at Diane’s house helping clean. Diane tells Ata that she is going to be going to the Galapagos Islands and won’t be needing her for a couple months.

Dewey apologies again to Karen at school and gives her a stuffed unicorn toy. She says she’ll give him a second chance if he invites her to have dinner at his house to meet his parents. Dewey agrees. He meets up with Gabe and tells him he’s nervous that Karen will find out he’s not rich. He goes to the restroom with nervous stomach and uses the teachers lounge instead getting into a verbal confrontation with the head football coach.

Ata & Rocky are driving home and she’s worried that they’re losing their main client. Rocky says he’ll ask Afa & Sika for more bookings. 

Dewey and Gabe are at work trying to decide what to make for his dinner with Karen. Their boss recommends linguini and clams because it’s an aphrodisiac. 

Ata worried about money goes to Jazzercise to cancel and get a refund but they try to up sell her membership. Rocky goes to the gym to talk with Afa & Sika but they don’t have any upcoming shows. Dewey shows up and says he’s got a girl problem. The men are scared he’s about to tell them he got Karen pregnant. Dewey explains his situation with not wanting to look poor. Rocky tells him he’s booked himself into a corner and to double down on working the gimmick.

Dewey picks up Karen in Rocky’s car. Instead of taking her to his parents he makes her linguini and clams but takes her to a romantic spot and not his parents house. She’s upset that she isn’t getting to meet his parents. Karen says we’re going to his house or he’s taking her home. Dewey takes Karen to the Mayor's house but Karen knows better. Dewey admits they’re poor and he’s embarrassed but Karen is more upset that he lied to her about it. She wants to be take home. 

Back at the apartment Ata & Rocky are having dinner. Dewey comes home and Ata scolds them saying they need to stop working the gimmick and start working because they need to pay rent. 

The next morning Ata finds out Rocky sold his nice car for the family. They all catch a ride with Gabe in the pizza car. Dewey apologizes to the football coach asks him to join the team. He says he grew up in the poor part of town and that football can open up doors for a successful life.

The Rock finishes the story about asking for a second chance and eats his cheese steak properly on a roll.

YOUNG ROCK airs Tuesdays on NBC or On Demand

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