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By Cory Strode on 2021-04-14 22:00:00

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means. It's AEW Dynamite from Daily's Place is Jacvksonville Florida, with announcers Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone.

We start with the Young Bucks explaining that they turned on Jon Moxley because they chose friendship. They forgot to be hungry. They say they will show the world a newer, better version of the Young Bucks.

Later tonight, we will get Mike Tyson as the special enforcer when Chris Jericho faces Dax Harwood, and we go to Tyson backstage. He is interrupted by MJF who offers him a blank check not to cheat, but to be on the right side of history. MJF hits Tyson with passive aggressive insults through the promo, and Tyson seems ready to deck MJF.  Tyson tears up the check, chews on it and then spits it at MJF.  

Team Omega is in the back (Good Brothers, Omega, Callis and the Bucks) celebrating their greatness.  Technically Marvez didn't get a question in.  Callis superkicks the camera.

The announcers run down tonight's card.

But we start off with the Young Bucks facing Rey Fenix and Pac.

Young Bucks (Tag Team Champions) vs Death Triangle (Pac and Rey Fenix)

* The Bucks come from the heel entrance with new ring gear and Don Callis
* Matt starts off with Pac and Callis is on commentary
* They lock up and trade waist locks and then arm bars
* Matt goes to the wrong corner to tag,. Pauses and then tags in Nick, Fenix is tagged in as well
* They have a nice sequence of missing big moves against each other and then Nick takes Rey down with a clothesline
* We see many of the other tag teams are watching
* Matt is tagged in but Rey is able to take both of them down
* Pac is tagged in and they both hits the Bucks with leaps out of the ring
* Rey is back in and he keeps Matt down with slams and kicks
* Pac is tagged in and he keeps Matt down
* Pac and Rey hit Matt with pairing kicks to take him down and Rey covers for a two count
* Matt is able to sweep Rey's leg, he knocks Pac off the apron and Nick is tagged in.  Nick hits a spike on Rey and then talks to the camera
* Rey is taken to the Bucks corner and do their Buck thing with double team moves and Matt covers for a two count
* Nick is tagged in and Rey is able to tag in Pac, who hits a series of kicks, a brain buster and a cover for a two count on Matt...yeah, I didn't see a tag either
* Matt tries a series of blows to Pac midsection, but Pac shrugs them off and hits back with kicks.  
* The Bucks get Pac out of the ring and double team Pac and then double team Rey
* Bucks drive both Rey and Pac into the apron and then Nick is tagged and keep attacking Pac, who is laying on the apron
* Pac gets worked over in the Bucks corner with fast tags
* Pac gets the beat down during picture in picture
* When we come back, Matt is keeping Pac on the mat, unable to tag out
*  Nick is tagged in and Pac is able to send the Bucks over the top to the floor.  Pac starts crawling to his corner.  Nick sweeps Rey off the apron.
* Matt acts like he is waiting for a tag, tags Pac and attacks him in Pac's corner. 
* He slams Pac and then gloats in the middle of the ring until Pac hits him with a brutal clothesline.
* Matt tags in Nick but P{ac tags in Rey, and Rey cleans house
* Rey hits a cutter on both men, covers Nick for a two count
* Pac is tagged in and Rey leaps over him to kick Nick, Pac hits the blue thunder bomb and covers for the two
* Nick is able to get a jawbreaker and tag in Matt, but Pac is able to drop Matt
* Pac picks up Matt for the suplex, but Matt grabs the ropes. Rey runs the ropes to kick him off, and then runs across the ring to leap onto Nick and Pac hits the suplex and holds for a two count
* Pac goes to the top, Nick has come into the ring and runs at him, so Pac leaps over him, runs into a super kick, Rey comes in and  everyone gets super kicked until Nick hits a slingshot destroyer on Rey
* Everyone is lying
* Matt and Pac slug it out in the middle of the ring
* The fight becomes a brawl outside the ring
* Matt and Nick are in the ring, they go to he top and Pac hits an avalanche brainbuster, Rey leaps on top of Matt for a two count
* Pac hits Black Arrow, and Rey tries to keep Nick from interfering, but Nick shoves into them to break up the pin
* Nick drags Matt to the corner for a tag, and as he and Pac struggle on the ropes, Nick hit a low blow mule kick.
* Rey is tagged in and Nick pulls off his mask
* They Bucks then hit Rey with a double superkick and Rey covers him face and Nick covers for the three count

Your winners and still tag team champions, The Young Bucks

In the back Adam Page is with Alex Marvez and the Dark Order.  Alex asks Adam about the Elite and Adam says John Silver will be fine in 4 – 6 weeks and offers to go get egg rolls.  The Dark Order then helps John with his rehab and we go to commercial.

Alex Marvez is now with the Inner Circle and Mike Tyson.  Alex asks Chris is his issues with Mike Tyson are solved. Jericho sais when they got beat down by the Pineapple, they decided to change their ways and he called people he owed an apology to.  The first was Tyson. Jericho says he has respect for Tyson, and Tyson said he'd do anything for Jericho and now Tyson has his back.

Jericho tells Tyson to call in down the middle.  Tyson says he will be firm but fair.

The next match is Red Velvet and Jade Cargill and we get the video highlights of their feud.

Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill

Red attacks Jade as she comes into the ring, but Jade hits a pump kick to stop Red. They trade kicks and after Jade goes over the low bridge, Red Velvet leaps onto Jade outside the ring. They brawl into the barricade. Jade tosses Red with a fallaway slam into the crowd. Jade gets in the ring to wait for the count and Red crawls back into the ring, and is brought in with a stalling standing suplex and we go to picture in picture.

Red gets the beatdown on the small screen.

When we come back, Jade misses her spear and goes into the ring post from the inside. Red starts chopping Jade down with clotheslines and a bulldog. Red hits a Casadora into a facebuster and then Red hits a standing moonsault and a cover for a two count. Red goes to the top and misses a moonsault. Jade hits a Jade-in (a front slam) and covers for a three count.

Your winner: Jade Cargill

Tony is in the back with Britt Baker and Reba. Baker says they have created a new wins and loss system, and with Red losing, she should be number 2 now. She will be wrestling on Dark to get even more victories

Our next match is Anthony Agogo with QT Marshall's factory. Cole Carter is already in the ring, so you know what that means.

Anthony Agogo vs Cole Carter

Agogo drops Carter with a punch and the ref says Carter can no longer continue.

Your winner: Anthony Agogo

After commercials, we get a video where Miro states he is ties of waiting for Kip Sabian to show up and he is moving on without him.

Back in the arena, Tyson gets a special introduction. Dax comes to the ring with Cash and Tully, but Tully is going to be sent to the back.

Then, it's time for sing along with Jericho.

Dax Hardwood with Cash Wheeler vs Chris Jericho with Sammy Guevara with Mike Tyson as special enforcer

They start by throwing hands in the middle of the ring. Jericho tosses Dax into the ropes and keeps striking, and Dax rolls out fo the ring. Jericho rolls out and grabs a chair. Tyson takes the chair and Dax sneak attacks Jericho. Dax grabs Jericho's bat and Tyson takes it from him. Jericho and Dax brawl outside the ring. Dax rolls back in the ring and Jericho follows him and Dax takes control with blows to Jericho.

Jericho fights back with chops and then clotheslines in the corner. Dax rolls out of the ring to collect himself. He has the medical observer check his stitches and when Jericho comes over to attack, Dax nails Jericho with a microphone. They brawl outside the ring. Jericho grabs a camera and they brawl more. They get back in the ring and Jericho gets thrown into the corner and they go outside the ring for more brawling as we go picture in picture

Dax keeps up the attacks on Jericho on the small screen. When we go big again, Dax and Jericho are chopping each other and Jericho takes Dax down with a pair of shoulder tackles. Jericho nails Dax with a double axe handle and then lands a lionsault for a two count.

Jericho and Dax throw hands in the ring again until Jericho takes Dax down with a clothesline and a cover for a two count. Jericho puts Dax up on the top turnbuckle and Dax escapes and hits a rebound power bomb on Jericho and covers for a two count. Dax goes to the top and goes for the diving head butt and Jericho dodges it. Jericho puts Dax in the lion tamer, and Cash slugs Jericho so that Dax can escape. Sammy attacks Cash and in the ring, Jericho misses a Judas Effect and Dax hits a brain buster and covers for a two count. Jericho hits a codebreaker and as they struggle to get uyp, the Pinncle and the Inner Circle spill onto the stage to fight. Cash grabs Jericho's bat and Tyson drops him with a punch.

Dax goes to power bomb Jericho, but Sammy distract him so that Jericho can escape and hit the Judas Effect, covers Dax and get the three count.

Your winner: Chris Jericho

The Inner Circle and Mike Tyson surround Jericho to celebrate his win. Jericho grabs a mic and says that Tyson is an ancillary member of the Inner Circle.

Alex Marvez is trying to interview Kenny Omega, the Bucks, the Good Brothers and Don Callis. Callis takes the mix and says just when you think you've seen it all, you haven't seen anything. The Bucks coming back is the beginning of the story. Omega says people are asking why they changed, and he is sick of people wanting them to do things, and He is sick of it. Matt then says they were the best tag team in the world. Everyone is put on notice. Don tells everyone to be surprised again. The Bucks then psych out the cameraman with a superkick and instead, Don Callis superkicks the cameraman.

When we come back from commercials, we get a video of Thunder Rosa, how she is taking over the world. She wants the AEW and NWA women's champions.

Back at the arena, Kris Statlander is coming out with the Best Friends. Amber Nova is already in the ring, so don't get too attached. Kris boops the Best Friends and then boops the ref.

Kris Statlander vs Amber Nova

They lock up and go to the corner. Kris hits a pair of armdrags and grabs a spin kick from Nova and follows with a clothesline. She slams Nova. When Nova gets up, she gets in a few kicks and strikes. Kris fights back, lifitng Nova over her head and just tosses her to the mat, She follows up with a leg drop and a senton getting a thumb's up for Orange Cassidy.

Kris hits a pair of strikes in the corner, then hits a modified package pile driver and pins Nova for the three count.

Your winner: Kris Statlander

Dasha is backstage with Team Taz who are waiting to hear from Christian Cage. Starks says they shoudln't have to wait for Christian, and Taz says they need to lock down Cage. Brian Cage agrees with Taz and Taz says he should stay backstage as well.

Tony is in the ring after the commercial to speak to Christian Cage. Christian says it is the first time they have worked together. Christian is interrupted by Taz, Hood and Hobbs. And Taz asks if he's in or out. Christians says Team Tas is a dumpster fire and he's here to win championships. His answer is no.

Taz and Christian insult each other. Hobbs comes to the ring and takes a swing and Christina is able to get in a few blows. Hook distracts Christian and Hobbs drops Christian.  Hobbs beats Christian down inside and outside the ring.

The announcers go down the card for next week and we get a video package form Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti for next week's match.

After commercials, its main event time as Matt Hardy comes to the ring. Matt said he wanted to do this on his own, so the Hardy Family Office is not here. Darby Allin is out next. We get a video package showing the issues between the two.

Darby Allin (TNT Champion) vs Matt Hardy

Hardy grabs a chair and swings at Darby. Darby avoids the first swing, but when Darby comes off the ropes, Matt nails him with the chair. They go outside the ring and Matt keeps attacking with the chair. Matt drops the chair on the apron and keeps up the attack on Darby. They go in the ring and Matt sits in the chair, taunting Darby. He then beats down Darby with fists and then the chair as Darby is busted open. Darby is up and gets in blows until Matt gets the hanging neck breaker and a two count

Matt sets up the chair and slams Darby head into it. Darby can't stand and Matt nails Darby with the chair again. Matt puts Darby's head on the chair and then picks up the chair with Darby on it, and Darby attacks with the chair around his neck. Darby then takes the chair and starts attacks Matt with it. Butcher, shows and tosses a trash can. Blade and Private Party show up and all four attack. The Dark Order show up, as does Sting and they are all brawling

We go to picture in picture and the brawl goes on through the commercial break. As they brawl, Darby starts beating down Matt with a garbage can. Mat is able to take down Darby for a two count on the floor. Matt puts Darby on the timekeeper table and Matt rains down blows.

As we go big picture again, Matt tosses Darby on the steel steps and over the barricade. Matt gets a two count. In the ring, Sting has Private Party ready for the scorpion death drop and Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page come to attack Sting, but Lance Archer stops them. Sting and Archer go face to face, but Archer then grabs Isiah Kassidy and hits a black out on Kassidy. Archer drags off Private Party.

On the stage, Darby nails Hardy with a chair to the gut and Sting tosses Darby his bat and goes to the back. Darby goes to nail Matt with the bat, but Matt hits a low blow. Matt hits the twist of fate with a chair wrapped around Darby's head. Matt covers for a two count only.

They fight down the entryway and brawl backstage. Matt sets up a ladder and sets Darby on a table. Matt hits a leg drop through the table and covers for a two count. They go back onto the stage. Darby is crawling and Matt sets up to power bomb Darby off the stage. Darby escapes and kicks Matt in the yam bag, runs down to grab Sting's bat and gets back on the stage. Matt retreats to the announcer's table and Darby starts raining down blows with the bat on Matt.

Darby destroys the announcer's set up and drapes Matt on the table. Darby then scales the lighting rig and hit s a coffin drop from the lighting rig through the table. He covers Hardy for the three count.

Your winner and still TNT Champion: Darby Allin

And we're out of time!!!

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