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By Anthony Pires on 2021-04-14 20:01:00

We are (not) live from Dailey's Place as the Young Bucks giver what (I think) is the actual promo officially turning them heel.  It's only 45 seconds into the show and this might change, but, for now, I think you should mark your scorecard as such.

Mike Tyson joins us from the back and is confronted by MJF, who unofficially tries to bribe him in his role as ringside enforcer tonight.  Gotta give it up for Iron Mike.  You can tell how much he loves this.  Just being in wresting is a real thrill for him.  He's polarizing to say the least but, bless him, this means the world to him.  Dude eats MJF's payoff check.

We are not messing around tonight as we kick things off with Death Triangle's Pac and Rey Fenix challenging the heel (for now) Young Bucks for the AEW World Tag Team Title.  I wish the big heel turn got held off because, under normal circumstances, this would be a pick em.  I can't see the Bucks losing here.  Oddly, this is a great time for a DQ finish.  Don Callis is with them AND they came out of the heel tunnel.  JR wonders why Callis has such a huge influence on the top AEW SuperStars.  Callis joins the booth.  This should be very interesting.  I do enjoy these moments where wrestling keeps you guessing.  Pac is so believable, it's amazing how The E used him so horribly. I don't envy the Mayor of Strodeville for having to do the play by play here.

I admit, I've given the Bucks their share of grief here and on the Post Game party (exclusively on the elite section of, but if this turn gives me Ring of Honor Young Bucks, I'm 100% in favor.  We're reminded that our main event is Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy for the TNT title in a falls count anywhere match.  YES PLEASE!  Death Triangle has kept this on the ground so far, making the Bucks wrestle a slower pace, building up to the high spots.  I'm totally in favor of that. Seems like every ranked Tag Team in AEW is in the crowd watching this: SCU, Butcher/Blade, Best Friends and Jurassic Express.  Makes the match seem even more important than it is.  Amazing how much better this is when its not SPOT-SPOT-SPOT-SPOT-SPOT.  This is more my style of a tag team match

Pac is bringing the heavy leather and NOW the match goes to the outside.  We're 12 minutes or so in and now the Bucks get to wrestle their type of match but, boy, I wish they'd ban moves on the apron. I'm amzed no one's been permanently injured all these years.  And we get the classic back rake from the Bucks as we go to picture in picture.  Major props for not telegraphing the commercial.  I'm going to lose my cynical old man cred here, but I'm enjoying the living heck out of this opener.

We come back and the Bucks are in total control.  Announcers are really getting over the drastic change in the Bucks.  Pac is selling like he's being murdered and the Bucks seem sooooo natural as jerky heels. Fenix gets the hot tag.  I can't do justice to the sequence he did, culminating with a balancing hurancanrana.  Pac tags in way too soon for my taste and nails a deadlift German for 2.  This is the best AEW match in 2021, maybe ever.  There, I said it.  We're not going 60 minutes but we should.  This is THAT good.  I don't even want to type, I want to watch this.  I completely buy these 2 teams as the best in the world.  We are well into 20 minutes here.  Nick Jackson just ripped Fenix' mask off and the Bucks nailed a double superkick for the pin.  I have one serious complaint: it didn't go long enough.  A full house would have given this a rousing standing ovation, as they deserve it.

Alex Marvez is with Hangman Page and the Dark Order. John Silver's shoulder should be Ok in 4-6 weeks.  That's great to hear.  He comes back with the Inner Circle and Mike Tyson.  Jericho says the IC has changed their ways and Le Champion formally apologized to Tyson for all he's said about him.  I really wish Jericho and the Circle weren't so wishy washy this early in the babyface turn.  Tyson, channeling famous boxing referee Joe Cortez, declares that he's firm, but he's fair.

Red Velvet vs........Jade Cargill is next.  I've griped and complained enough. I hope they kill it like Sasha and Bianca did Saturday (and, to a lesser extent, Asuka and Rhea on Sunday).  Cargill is in great shape, better abs than I'll ever have. Velvet goes right to work.  Let's see if this can go into the deep water.  Velvet with a big superkick and nailed a tope suicida.  Get this, Cargill sold until the move got hit.  She wasn't standing there like a goof waiting for it.  She recovered a little too quick for my taste, but what the hey?  We're told Red Velvet is ranked #2 in the Women's Division as we head to commercial.

We're back and, dare I say it, this has been pretty good. I was afraid Velvet was booked to get eaten up but this has been competitive.  I just wish she'd been better set up prior to the Shaq match. Big facebuster by Velvet for only a 1 count.  Pretty obvious where the bread is buttered here.  Velvet misses the moonsault and gets pinned after the face first powerbomb.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about here.

Speaking of noting to complain about, it's Britt Baker and Reba.  She makes her case to be elevated to the number 2 ranked contender due to Velvet's loss.  She'll be on Dark: Elevation next week.

Anthony Ogogo with The Factory against the dreaded already-in-the-ring Cole Carter.  Ogogo looks great.  A body punch knocks Carter completely off his feet and the referee stops it. Too short to decipher what Agogo can really do.

We get an in-depth look at the Best Man Miro.  He's looking for Kip Sabian, who disappeared after the Arcade match.

Tyson time as Chris Jericho takes on Dax Harwood.  The Circle comes out through the babyface tunnel.  Oddly, the crowd isn't singing along too loudly (then again, they haven't gone to the crowd too much tonight so maybe there weren't that many at the taped show).  Personally, I'd keep everyone from the Pinnacle and the Inner Circle apart until Blood and Guts on May 5th.  Nice brawl at ringside, Iron Mike tries to keep it clean.  Jericho, channeling his inner Rock from Backlash 1999, commandeers the camera and films himself kicking Dax. Dax and Tyson jawjack as we go to commercial.


This is a classic Arn Anderson match, which is a pretty high compliment as far as I'm concerned.  Realistically, Jericho is winning here, just like Dusty, Nikita, Magnum, et al, always got the duke over Double A.  The thing was, Anderson was so darn good and so tough that, when you beat him, it really meant something.  Arn never lost an ounce of street cred even once.  I do wish the announcers would stop with the "Dax the ax" line.  They're trying too hard to get that over.  A cute nickname is not needed.  Jericho with the Walls .  Cash interferes and gets thrown around my Iron Mike.  Brainbuster for 2 by Dax.  I'm really believing Dax can pull this out.  The entirety of the Pinnacle and the Inner Circle brawl on the stage.  A Judas Effect later and Le Champion scores the pin.  Match was exactly what it should have been.  Prior to the pin, Iron Mike laid out Cash Wheeler.

Jericho formally announces Mike Tyson as an ancillary member of the Inner Circle.

Team Omega is in the back (Good Brothers, Omega, Callis and the Bucks) celebrating their greatness.  Technically Marvez didn't get a question in.  Callis superkicks the camera.

We get a video feature on my favorite female, Thunder Rosa.  Her eyes are on the AEW & NWA Women's Title.

Speaking of women, The Galaxy's Favorite Alien, Kris Statlander, is back.  Flanked by the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.  Amber Nova is (gulp!) already in the ring.  It's a squash, no doubt, and Statlander with a cradle piledriver for the pin.

Dasha is with Team Taz.  Ricky Starks doesn't want to wait for Christian Cage to decide.  Taz vows to lock down Cage tonight.

Speaking of Christian Cage, Tony Schiavone brings him out.  There's an open contract and out comes Taz with Hobbs and Hook.  Taz wants to know, right here and now, is he in or out.  Christian says Team Taz is kind of a dumpster fire.  The answer is a resounding "no".  Powerhouse Hobbs looks like he'll take up the open challenge and Hobbs actually gets an offensive move in.  No referee so I don't think this is official.  Hobbs with the beatdown.  Kind of surprising, given how Team Taz usually responds to wrestlers my age.  No match, per se, but Team Taz actually got to look good, or at least Hobbs did.

Hikaru Shida vs. Tay Conti for the AEW Women's World Title next week, as is Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs.

Main Event is upon us.  

Big Money Matt Hardy (my condolences to he and his entire family on the loss of the senior Hardy) comes out alone, interestingly enough.  I've got a cool George Washington that says that doesn't last too long.  I'll go double or nothing on Sting saving him.  Matt brings in a chair right away. No DQ, this is falls count anywhere. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are watching from the bleachers.  Some serious chair shots to Darby's back.  The beatdown with the chair is pretty severe, making me wonder how they're going to credibly go long.  Darby's a great babyface, but having him survive this would put him in the dreaded Superman category.

The Hardy family all come out and go to work.  It's 5 on one.  Sting in 5-4-3-2-1.  Sting and the Dark Order come out for the save.  Interesting that Sting didn't get the big intro.  Darby's back is going to need some serious icing down after tonight.  They're keeping the cameras rolling on the Dark Order-Hardy Family battle all the way through Dailey's Place.  Sting and Private Party are still brawling.  Sky and Page sneak their way to the ring but Lance Archer shuts them down and beats down Private Party.  Seems like we're shooting multiple angles around this match, which is fine as I don't have the anticipation of the babyface champion in peril with Matt Hardy as the chllenger.  Absolutely no disrespect to him, but there's zero scenario where I see him winning the belt here.

Action spills to the Gorilla position.  Luckily for Matt, there's a ladder and table right there and he nails a legdrop for a 2 count.  Matt is looking for the bat but Darby gets it and nails Hardy and chokes Hardy out with it.  He lays Matt on the announce table and Coffin Drops him off a scaffold for the pin.  Darby Allin wins.  It was wild, to be certain.  This was one hell of a Dynamite.  Cory and I'll have the Post Game Party up later tonight.

Thanks for reading.  seriously, go watch this one.

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