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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-14 16:15:00

WWE President Nick Khan spoke to Variety about the success of Wrestlemania before live fans.

“If it could be done in a safe way, we had to get it done...And I think ultimately, thanks to the great work of all the folks here, we were able to get it done. If you recall, WrestleMania last year was two to three weeks into the pandemic. We had to cancel last minute and we did it from a studio. It was certainly a different experience. So we wanted to make sure that the fans and the people watching at home got the WWE experience that they’re used to on the biggest event that we have.”

When asked about additional plans for the company to return to events before live, paying fans, Khan commented, "Any plans? Yes. Any plans we can share? Stay tuned. But just know that once we’re back on the road, we’re on the road full time. We’re not looking to do other one offs. Again, this was WrestleMania. And we felt it needed to be done for the fans. So  look for news coming soon.”

Khan declined to give Wrestlemania viewership numbers for Peacock.  Variety noted they have sought comment from Peacock on viewership, noting "sources say the event drove a large influx in new Peacock subscribers."

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