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By Anthony Pires on 2021-04-14 13:11:00

A little different format this week as Joe Galli and May Valentine welcome us to tonight's show.  We immediately get a recap of NWA World's Champion Nick Aldis' interview where he stated that Strictly Business is actively recruiting new members and that NO ONE'S spot in Strictly Business is guaranteed.

We come back and Mike Parrow joins Galli and Valentine at the desk.  Valentine congratulates him on both debuting on Powerrr and for the strides he's made as an openly gay wrestler.  Parrow isn't interested in her encouragement and rails against the NWA about how a man like him had to be sent to Japan in order to be invited to Powerrr. The NWA has been put on notice.

We get a quick recap of Thunder Rosa's recent exploits (including footage from the match against Britt Baker on AEW).  Kamille joins the desk with Joe and May.  Joe and May rave about Rosa.  Kamille is not impressed and wonders why they're wasting her time putting Rosa over when the number one contender is sitting right there.  She is not afraid of what Nick Aldis may decide.  She acknowledes that her and Thom Lattimer are a true real life power couple.  Valentine is trying to get more out of her but Kamille shuts her down.

Velvet Sky joins Joe Galli for our first match.

Matthew Mims vs. Jeremiah Plunkett

Lockup, Mims forces him into the corner.  Plunkett with a slap.  Go behind into a forearm by Plunkett and he fires away to Mims' midsection.  Hiptoss by Mims and a pair of bodyslams and a splash for 2.  Palm strike Plunkett but Mims bullys him into the corner.  Uppercutt by Plunkett but a rollup by Mims for 2.  Plunkett blocks a belly to back and connects with a leg lariat for 2.  Big forearm by Plunkett.  Big right hand a snap mare into a knee drop for 2 by Plunkett.  Kneelift by Plunkett.  Mims with a backdrop off of a piledriver attempt.  Belly to belly for 2 by Mims. Shoulderblocks by Mims.  He gets a little lost running the ropes but recovers from a forearm and nails a tackle and nails the Hook Up for the pin.

WINNER: Matthew Mims

May and Joe are back at the desk, talking about May's BFF, Sal Rinauro.  BREAKING NEWS: Sal Rinauro has been granted a non title tag team match against JR Kratos and Aron Stevens.

We get a look at the issues between NWA TV Champion Pope and Tyrus. We then get a look at potential issues between NWA World Tag Team Champions Kratos and Stevens.  We then get highlights on Chris Adonis' win over Trevor Murdoch for the NWA Natiponal Championship.

Nick Aldis joins May and Joe at the desk.  He's asked about his next challenger.  He says he's in an interesting spot as there are a lot of challengers but no one who's breaking through.  The champ takes them to task over their questioning Kamille earlier.  Although Thom Lattimer was his best friend, the only reason that he and Kamille are in Strictly Business is because they're at Elite Level.  Chris Adonis is not an official member.  He credits himself with the success of the NWA.

Powerrr returns next week

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