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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-08 10:22:00

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan appeared on this morning's edition of ESPN+s' SportsNation, discussing Wrestlemania memories with former WWE broadcaster Arda Ocal.

Hogan was asked which Wrestlemania he gets asked about the most.  He said it is absolutely, absolutely Wrestlemania 3 with Andre the Giant.  He said that he had no idea who was going to win and he would ask Andre and would constantly be told don't worry about it.  When he slammed Andre in front of "94,000", it meant Hogan wasn't going anywhere as Andre passed the torch.

He was asked about the importance of Wrestlemania 1.  Hogan said he was friends with Mr. T from doing The A-Team but three days before the show, T disappeared and he didn't know where he was.  That afternoon, Hogan was backstage at Madison Square Garden at noon doing whatever he could to help Vince McMahon out and the word came down that T had arrived.  The problem was, T had shown up with two additional stretch limos with 30 people he invited and security wouldn't allow them in.  So, T said they were all leaving.  Hogan showed up and told security to let everyone in and Hogan would take care of them.  He told T he couldn't leave and kept his eyes on him the entire time until they went to the ring.

Hogan was asked about wrestling the Rock in Toronto at Wrestlemania X-8.  He said he flew to Miami to aa warehouse with a ring in it where The Rock, Pat Patterson and Rocky Johnson were all there.  Rocky kept telling him to listen to Hogan out there.  They worked things out but when they got to Toronto, Rock was the hero and Hogan was the bad guy.  The crowd flipped them but it turned out really well.  There was 50/50 chant for each guy.  They had to listen to the audience and it turned out pretty well.

The Undertaker will appear tomorrow.

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