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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-04-07 23:28:00

No Peace Underground "Fatalism"

4/7/21 - 8:30pm

Orlando, FL - Streaming on

My yearly journey of watching way too many wrestling shows has begun! We are kicking of Mania week with the first of THREE NPU shows! 

No Peace Underground is a no-ring deathmatch promotion that has been putting on some absolutely WILD shows over the past year on IWTV. Drennan & Larry Legend are your commentators. Ryan Fox is our host and welcomes us to the first show of Mania week. 

Match 1: 1 Called Manders vs. Parrow

Hoss murder to kick this off, eh? Parrow remains an intimidating presence, the ref keeps having to hold him back from attacking Manders early during his entrance, who comes in through the people. Manders invites Parrow to start this on the floor in front of the stage, and the fists are swinging right away. Parrow clubbed down with a lariat as Manders goes to work with a chair. Manders sets up a door but Parrow reverses the whip and sends the cowboy into the lumber. Parrow slams Manders through some light tubes across chairs. Manders pops up to swing some tubes and slam Parrow into a tube covered hay bale. Manders suspends a guardrail on chairs, but a bloody Parrow battles back with chair. Manders with a series of kicks gets Parrow onto the rail, Manders with moonsault off the stage for a two. Parrow crawls up to the stage and Manders spears him through a door on the back wall for another two count. Parrow chokeslams Manders through another door and that ALMOST does the trick. Parrow grabs a roulette table (sans wheel thank gods) and sets it up. Manders slaps on a sleeper. He backpacks it and Parrow is fading but Parrow falls back and puts them both through the table. Parrow’s on top and the ref counts the limp cowboy down for the three.

Winner: Parrow

Kit Osborne comes out and grabs the mic, upset that he hasn’t been on a NPU since November. He thinks he should be world champion. He refuses to leave until someone comes out to thank him for all his hard work in the early days of NPU. Tye Hyll has arrived to drive him off. 

Match 2: Kit Osborne vs Tye Hyll

Kit greets him with a face full of tubes. And again. The crowd is behind the newcomer Hyll but Kit is taking his aggression out, smashing his face on a chair. Hyll dodges a double stomp off the stage and back body drops Kit to the stage. Kit get smacked with a chair and put through a door with a corkscrew senton off the stage. Hyll with a moonsault off of the shoulders of fans! Kit catches a kick and flips Hyll into a pair of chairs. Kit chokes him out underneath the guardrail bars. Kit wraps a chair around Hyll’s throat. Kit wants a double stomp off the stage but staff from the back run in to stop this, pull Hyll out of trouble and send Kit on his way.

Winner: Kit Osbourne (by stoppage)

Match 3: Kennedi Copeland vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer Wreck greets the debuting Copeland with a light tube over the head and a powerbomb into the glass-covered hay bale. Copeland gets the arm and cracks it over and around the guardrail. This spills into the bar area, Wreck orders a drink after slamming Copeland to the bar top. Wreck is so tall and throwing these huge shots from above. Copeland finds her distance and keeps on the arm, Wreck finds a light tube above the bar and smashes her opponent. Copeland with a bulldog off the wall. Wreck catches a head scissor attempt and swing smashes Copeland off the stage and guardrails. Copeland blasts the arm with a chair, pours a bucket of thumbtacks into Wreck’s mouth and hits a running knee. Copeland tries to finish this but Wreck catches her off the stage and sends her crashing through a door on the floor. Count to three.

Winner: Sawyer Wreck 

We get a  Father James Mitchell promo, promising to unleash The Hallowed on his quest to torture G-Raver’s mind in No Peace Underground. Long-time opponent Bam Sullivan offers up his services as G-Raver’s partner. 

Match 4: Bam Sullivan & G-Raver vs. The Hallowed (Lord Crewe & Otis Cogar)

G-Raver holds off both members of the Hallowed while Bam sets up the hardware. They work in tandem to drop Cogar through the door. Crewe recovers and blasts a pump kick through Bam’s chair and face. Crewe with a sitout tombstone to a chair. Otis wakes up to blast people with the door he got put through. Cogar cutting up Bam on stage and he’s a bloody mess. G-Raver is isolated, slammed to the guardrail but he recovers to save Bam from a long drop and sudden stop off the stage. Otis with a DVD to Bam off the stage through a door.....well, off a didn’t break and followed them to the floor. OOF. Bam gets the shoulder up at two. Crewe doesn’t want to leave a door unbroken but G-Raver cuts him off by Sabuing a chair into the knee. Running knee strike. G-Raver gets the tattoo needles, drives them into Crewe’s forehead, sabu’s him in the face. G-Raver setting up to put him through that door but SU YUNG’S MUSIC HITS. An undead bridge distracts G-Raver while Su Young comes up from behind (ahead of their fight at NPU on Saturday), mists G-Raver and he falls through the door. The Hallowed gang up on a valiant Bam Sullivan, they hit a spin out uranage on Sullivan for the impressive victory. Su Yung inspects G-Raver on the floor while the Hallowed drape a pig’s head over a dazed Bam Sullivan. 

Winer: The Hallowed

Match 5: Jamie Senegal vs. Atticus Cogar

Cogar throwing a pile of chairs onto the chair during his entrance. Senegal tries to get into Cogar’s head but he responds with a kick to the mouth. Jamie gets choked with a chair. Jamie uses the support beam on the stage to batter Cougar in both heads. Standing moonsault for two. Cogar takes out the knees of Senegal with a sliding chair, tosses her off the stage into the guardrail. OW. Cogar throwing stomps and faceplants her on the stage. Cogar chomping on her hand with those metal teeth of his. Senegal with a kick to the face after a snapmare off the wall. Jamie sets up a door on the floor, Cogar wants to bomb her into it it she gives a big kiss and drops him to the stage for two. Cogar with a big forearm to the face. Jamie gets up on the guardrail but Atticus grabs her into an air raid crash through that door. Jamie out at two. A frustrated Cogar grabs a bundle of light tubes, blasts them into her face and hits a headlock driver to the remnants of the door for the victory. Cogar is ready for MASADA at Spring Break.

Winner: Atticus Cogar

Match 6: Eric Ryan(c) vs. Nolan Edward – No Peace Underground Championship

Eric Ryan has been the NPU Champion for six months and hasn’t defended the belt once. We’ve got a pile of carpet strips on the floor as they lock up. They battle until Ryan breaks a carpet strip across Nolan’s back, drags him to the floor and digs it into his forehead. They works each other over with those awful things. Ryan sets up a pane of glass on the stage, Nolan gets it and chucks it off the stage. Ryan dodges that but eats a bundle of carpet strips to the gut. Nolan beating him with strips around the guardrails. Ryan slips a snake eyes and crashes him into the support beam. We’ve got a hay bale surrounded by carpet strips set up. Nolan with a gory special.....and walks over and gory bombs Eric Ryan into that hellish thing. Ryan out at two. Nolan’s frustrated and blasting more strips into Ryan’s body. Ryan with a desperate shot up from the ground, pulls Nolan into a half crab on a pile of carpet strips. Eric Ryan dropping stomps to the head in the crab, Nolan goes limp and the ref is forced to put a stop to this. Jeeeeeeeesus.

Winner (And Stillllllll) Eric Ryan

Main Event: “The Duke of Hardcore” John Wayne Murdoch vs. “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice

We have a highly anticipated rematch tonight for our main event, as these guys previously went to a no contest and we CAN’T HAVE THAT.  They hype the crowd up as Murdoch grabs a pane of glass and sets that up with a shrug that says “well, what did you EXPECT?” Justice blasts Murdoch with a chair and DVD’s him through that pane right off. They blast through the guardrails, fighting to the bar, Murdoch gets whipped into a guardrail propped on the bar top. Murdoch’s shoulder is a bloody mess from all the glass. Justice gets slammed to the guardrail and crawls out to the streets of Orlando. Murdoch brings a door with him and puts Justice through it against the side of the brick building. Murdoch wants a cover in the street but Justice kicks out. Suplex in the street and a SUV is trying to drive through while they punch each other out. Justice getting knocked off the SUV in the street. Justice with a splash off the top of the SUV into the street. Murdoch gets back to the venue and blasts Justice with a trash can as he gives chase. Justice gets a moment to recover while Murdoch sets up some more chaos in the club. Justice back to blast Murdoch with a board. They trade shots and try to put each other through a guardrail table......MUSIC HITS. ERICK REDBEARD just walks out and chokeslams Justice through the guardrailled table. Murdoch thinks he has a friend but RedBeard blasts him with a chair and chokeslams him down onto Justice. Like the Parrow match before, both are spent but Murdoch is on top and the ref makes the three count. Erick RedBeard stands tall over his fallen prey.

Winner: John Wayne Murdoch

And that’s it for “Fatalism”! Some good violent battles and some story setup for the upcoming Mania week shows. I get the impression we took it a LITTLE lighter than usual tonight (because no one wants to get that banged up on the first show of THIS WEEK and also there are TWO NPU shows that need to follow this chaos).  RSP was great on commentary while his 44OH boys were representing. I LOVE No Peace Underground’s video presentation style. We have a lot of ultra Violence on the shows ahead but this was a good start to the week!  Until next time!

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