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By Cory Strode on 2021-04-07 20:01:00

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means. It's AEW Dynamite, live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville Florida with Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone as your announcers.  We start with a shot of motorcycles, an expensive car and black SUVs arriving. No, it's not Mike Tyson, it's the Inner Circle, making their way to Daily's Place earlier today.

We start with Adam Page, who is first to the ring to take on Max Caster as both members of the Acclaimed come out.

Adam Page vs Max Caster for the Number One Contender's position

Page starts by tossing Anthony Bowens from the ring and then stomping down Max in the corner.  Max escapes the first attempt at a suplex, but the next two hit and Page covers for a one count. They trade blows in the corner and Page is able to fight his way out with a standing pump kick. Page starts working over Max's shoulder and hits a sit out senton for a two count.  Max goes outside and he then drags Page out of the ring.  Page tosses him into the barricade and then back into the ring.  Max is able to drop kick Page as he gets into the ring, and Max gets in offense until Page tosses him out over the top rope.  Page then leaps over the top rope and drops onto Max on the outside.

Page tosses Max around outside the ring, and Anthony tries to get in Page's face, but he ignores him. Bowen grabs the boom box as Page tosses Max back into the ring. Page goes to crotch Max on the post, but Max is able to recover enough to pull Page into the post. Bowens follows up by tossing Page into the barricade and into the ring where Max starts working over Page's shoulder. Max gets a two count and they go to their feet.  Max takes him down and locks on a modified headlock. 

Page fights his way up and Max takes him back down with a shoulder hold. Page works up again and drops Max with a series of clotheslines and a backdrop. Page is able to hit and exploder suplex for a two count. On the apron, Page tries for a red eye on the apron, but Max fights his way out of it and they trade blows until Page slams Max onto the apron.  Page climbs to the top Bowens gets on the apron to get into Page's face, and Max leaps up....doesn't have his balance so he leaps up a second time and suplexes Page into the ring.

Max locks on a shoulder hold until Page is able to crawl for a rope break.  Max leaps off the top and into a clothesline from Page. Page lifts Max up and Bowens tosses the boom box to Max, and Page is able to grab it and toss it out of the ring. As he and the ref are doing that, Bowers tosses Max a chain, and he nails Page with it and covers for a two count.

Max goes to the top again, goes for the mix drop, but Page gets out of the way and sets up for the buckshot, but Bowens grabs Page's foot.  Page kicks Bowens, hits the Buckshot on Max and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Adam Page

Page heads to ringside, tosses a few beers to the crowd and drinks a beer as he leaves through the crowd.

Tony is in the ring to interview Death Triangle, Pac, Rey Fenix and Penta.  Tony says they have a shot at the Tag Team Champions next week. Orange Cassidy comes out to interrupt with the Best Friends and Kris Statlander.  Cassidy says it's nice to see the Death Triangle in the ring again and we see how they attacked Best Friends last year. Pac says the Best Friends want a shot at the next tag team champions. Pac says they aren't worthy yet. Trent says they have to start at the back of the line and they have no problems with that. He then says they are giving a head's up that the boys are back in town, and they have an alien with them now.

We then get a rundown of the matches tonight from the announcers. 

It's time for Sign Along With Jericho as the Inner Circle come to the ring all in black. Jericho says they have a lot to say after the break, telling Jacksonville they sound great.

When we get back, the crowd is chanting this is awesome.  Jericho says that they were given a beat down by the Pineapple, and Sammy corrects him that it was the Pinnacle. Jericho says they made a lot of bad decisions by his Jerk off friend, MJF.  Jericho says that there are some things he isn't smart at, like chemistry. He was smart about wrestling and he brought in MJF to keep him under his thumb. Jericho mocks MJF's spray tan and says he will give him another swirly.


He mocks MJF's scarf as something he used to wear and asks if MJF wants to steal his clipboard as well.  He will change being a Mark to being a Max.  He says that he will always be better than MJF and MJF knows it. Jericho then runs down all of the other members of the Pinnacle. Jericho then says that on May 5th, they will have a Blood and Guts match. Then end the promo with their circle of middle fingers and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Dasha is with Christian and she asks him how he is feeling and what's next. Cage says it was a culmination of a year of training.  He then says that Kazarian took him to his limit and he loved it.  He says he makes wrestlers level up. Taz interrupts and says that he has a team of men who can help him and offers him membership in Team Taz. Tax tells him to sleep on it.

Now, they have the Godzilla vs King match of Jurassic Express vs Bear County.  We get a quick Godzilla vs Kong promo followed by Jurassic Express coming to the ring. Bear Country is next. 

Jurassic Express vs Bear Country

It starts with all four men in the ring and Jurassic Express tosses Bear Country out of the ring and then leaps onto them outside the ring.

Luchasaurus and Boulder started and Boulder driven Luchasaurus into their corner and tags in Bronson.  Boulder is tagged in after a couple of blows.  Luchasaurus is able to escape and tag in Jungle Boy and leaps into Boulder's arms. Luchasaurus tries a cross body and bounces off, and as JB is slammed to the mat, we go picture in picture where JB takes the small screen beating.

We come back as JB is body slammed again and he tries to escape the Bear Country corner.  JB is able to escape and Luchasaurus is able to clean house.  When Luchasaurus goes to the top he and Boulder fight from the top. Boulder gets a super plex and covers Luchasaurus for a two count broken up by JB.  JB takes down Bronson with a DDT and Luchasaurus drops Boulder and covers for a two count. It's broken up by Bronson slamming JB onto them.

All four men are recovering on the mat. Bear Country is up first and they hit a double cannonball onto JB and Boulder covers Luchasaurus for a two count. Bear Country sets up for Boulder to slma Bronson onto Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus recovers in time and takes Bronson down with a kick JB takes out Boulder and Luchasaurus slams Bronson and covers for a two count.

Your winners: Jurassic Express

We then go to QT Marshall in a pre tape, where he is sick that the Rhodes family helped in.  He mocks Cody with vanilla midgets to look good, and QT introduces his group. Aaron Solo, Catamaran and Anthony Agogo. 

It's commercial time!

When we come back, it's Tony's weekly talk with Sting.  Before Sting can say anything Jake interrupts and says this is what they do and asks Sting where his gerbil friend is. Jake says insanity is where you do the same thing over and over. Lance Archer interrupts and explains he is sick of being dropped every time he has a big match.  As Archer rants, Sting grabs the mix and says he agrees that Archer is a main event guy and he doesn't understand why he gets passed over.  He tells Jake to help him channel his energy. Sting storms off as does Archer. Watching from the stands are Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page

Team Taz is backstage and Starks says they won last night because of Cage. Tax stops him and says he's instigating and they need to be smart. They have an offer in with Christian Cage and they need to be smart. 

Darby Allin comes to the ring and his opponent JD Drake is already in the ring. And you know what that means.

Darby Allin (TNT Champion) vs JD Drake with Ryan Nemeth and Cesar Bononi

They lock up and go to the corner. After the break, Darby slaps on a headlock and runs him to the other corner and Drake drops him with a chop. Darby goes outside. Drake follows and Darby gets back in the ring, misses a drop kick as Drake starts to come back in but Drake goes to the floor anyway and Darby hits a Tope. 

Darby goes to the top, is distracted by Nemeth and when Darby leaps, Drake is able to shoulder block him.  Nemeth goes to interfere and Sting runs him off with his bat, and Drake keeps beating down Darby.  He covers Darby for a two count and as Darby tries to fight out from underneath, we go picture in picture for Darby to take his commercial time beating.

When we return, Drake goes to the top and Darby rolls out of the ring.  Drake follows and Darby is able to get in a few shots until Drake tosses him into the ropes and back to the floor.  Drake tries for a cannonball on Darby, but Darby is able to get out of the way. Darby quickly shoots to the top and hits a senton from the top onto Drake on the floor.

Darby crawls into the ring and Drake struggles into the ring himself. Darby goes to the top and Drake is able to knock him down and chis him upside down in the corner. Drake hits a cannonball into Darby and then splashes on Darby and covers for a two count. Drake goes up and misses a somersault press from the top. 

They both go to the top again and Darby hits an avalanche code red and follows with a coffin drop, covering for the three count.

Your winner and still TNT Champion, Darby Allin.

As he goes to the back, he is attacked by Matt Hardy's group and The Bunny tells the announcers to clear the table.  Instead, Sting and the Dark Order show up to clear off the Mtt Hardy group.  Tay Conti comes out and attacks the Bunny.

As refs pulls them apart, we get a video package of the issues between the Young Bucks and Jon Moxley; and Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers.

We go to commercials.

We come back to Alex Marvez to interview Jericho and the Pinnacle attacks Jericho. They drag him to the ring and start the beat down.  

FTR hits a spike piledriver and we see that the Inner Circle's dressing room door has been bolted shut.  They break through and a table has been set up and Sean Spears goes to toss him through it....

...and Mike Tyson comes out. Tyson attacks Spears and the Pinnacle drags Spears out of the ring and the Inner Circle shows up to take the ring. Jericho and Tyson hug and the Inner Circle stands tall for a while in the ring before we go to a pretape with Britt Baker.

Baker says they have a request for Tony Khan, and she wants a title match. Tony tells her she's ranked for. Baker says that wins and losses shouldn't matter, but popularity should. She will fix the system and she will get her wins up.

Next out is the Hardy Family for The Bunny and the announcers put over that she's CRAZY.  Next out is Tay Conti with the Dark Order on her side.

Tay Conti vs Bunny

They start by throwing hands in the middle of the ring. Bunny gets the better of Tay and is able to slam her into a turnbuckle. Bunny goes for a knee to the head and Tay stops her and hits a shoulder suplex and a pump kick on Bunny in the corner. Bunny rolls out of the ring and when she goes to kick Bunny, Bunny grabs her foot and takes her down on the apron.  They then brawl outside the ring and we go to picture in picture.

Looks like Tay gets the commercial beat down.

When we come back, Tay hits a backbreaker and a spin slam on Bunny.  She charges Bunny, but misses in the corner, allowing Bunny to hit a mule kick and a two count cover. Bunny tries to go down the rabbit hole, but Tay is able to fight her way free.  Matt Hardy gets on the apron, but Tay is able to grab Bunny and hit the Tay KO, covering for a two count. Bunny is able to hit a guillotine over the top rope.

Bunny grabs Hikaru Shida's stick, since Kikaru came to ringside during the break, and hits her, causing the Dark Order and the Hardy Bunch to brawl. Bunny takes advantage of the chaos to go to the top with the Kendo stick. Shida grabs the Kendo stick and Tay climbs up to the top for a super plex. Tay hits the DD Kay and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Tay Conti

The announcers go down the card for next week's (taped) show.


We get a buildup package for Jade Cargill and Red Velvet next week.

They give the rest of the card before we go to commercial.

We come back to Kenny Omega's Overblown entrance and the Good Brothers. Don Callis is with them and Excalibur calls him an animatronic porta potty, and he will be on commentary. Next out are the Bucks. Jon Moxley then enteres the building. 

Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers vs Job Moxley and The Young Bucks


  • We start with Matt and Anderson and Callis taunting Matt outside the ring. 

  • Anderson tags Kenny before anyone touches each other and they jack jaws.

  • They lock up and go into the ropes

  • Matt tags in Nick and he locks up with Kenny.

  • They trade holds and each takes the other down.

  • Anderson tags in and it quickly becomes everyone fighting each other, ending with Mox and the Bucks diving onto Omega and the Good Brothers as we go picture in picture

  • Anderson gets to take the small screen beat down until it's Matt's turn 

  • Back on the big screen, Matt is able to fight his way free and tag in Mox who, as is customary, cleans house. 

  • Mox gives everyone a German suplex.

  • Gallows tags in and takes Mox down with a big boot.

  • Gallows covers for a two count

  • Gallows beats Mox in the cortner and Mox drops when he's done. Mox is able to recover and hit Gallows with a neckbreaker.

  • Mox tags in Nick and Anderson is tagged in so Nick takes them both on and he is able to end the sequence with a backstabber on Anderson.  Anderson nails Nick with a spinebuster aferr Nick kicks Gallows outside the ring.

  • Matt and Kenny tag in. Kenny begs off, asks for a tie up and Matt instead hits him with suplexes and a DDT after a super kick fake out

  • Kenny isn't able to stand on his own and Matt is unable to kick him due to feeling.  Kenny starts slapping Matt and Matt tackles Kenny and rains down blows on him.

  • We then get a sequence where each man comes in and takes someone out ending the Kenny hitting a snap Dragon on Matt 

  • Mox comes in and hits Kenny with a clothesline and Matt hits a DDT and gets a two count on Kenny

  • Matt asked Kenny if he is OK and then the Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck for a two count

  • Nick hits an escalera on the Good Brothers outside the ring.

  • Nick and Matt take a long time for the BTE trigger and then can't bring themselves to do it.

  • Mox comes in and tells them that they NEED to put down Kenny

  • And they still can't do it and Max tags himself

  • Mox hits the paradigm shift on Kenny, he and Matt have words, and Mox hits a second and puts on a sleeper.

  • The Bucks superkick Moxley to stop him and Eddie Kingston comes out to take a magic killer from the Good Brothers

  • The Good Brothers hits a magic killer on Mox, and then drag Kenny over for the cover

Your winners: Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers

After the match, the Bucks look conflicted and the Good Brothers pick up Mox.  Callis and Kenny whisper into the Bucks’ ear, and they hit a superkick on Mox.

We're out of time!

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