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By Anthony Pires on 2021-04-07 20:00:00

The Inner Circle, as badass as apparently ever, pull up to tonight's live edition of AEW Dynamite from Dailey's Place in Jacksonville.  There will never be a scenario where I don't enjoy Max Caster's rapping himself to the ring. The opposition? Number one contender to the AEW World Title, Adam Hangman Page. Anthony Bowens is back with Max this week, so maybe some outside shenanigans can keep this somewhat competitive because, make no mistake, this shouldn't be competitive.  Tony Schiavone reminds us that today is National Beer Day.  I almost forgot that.  I'd like to thank Ski-a-vone for the reminder.  Tonight feels like a Captain's Daughter from Grey Sail Brewery kind of night.  This is all Hangman so far, as it should be.  Nice distraction from Bowens lets Caster get the advantage.

By the way, Schiavone, Jim Ross and Excalibur have the call on tonight's episode.

Hangman with the win with the Buckshot Lariat.  This was exactly what it should have been and what it needed to be. Caster lasted a little while longer because of Bowens and the number one contender was never in danger.

Tony Schiavone brings out members of the Death Triangle, Fenix, Pac and Penta El Zero WITHOUT their translator.  I love that guy!  Next week, Penta and Pac get their shot at the Young Bucks.  Not a single word gets in by the Triangle before Best Friends and Orange Cassidy come out.  OC has some unfinished business with the Triangle.  Kris Statlander is with the group tonight.  Nothing really came of this. Trent and Chuck didn't actually challenge them.  Kind of odd.

Negative 1 will accompany Tay Conti tonight.  I'm jealous.

The Inner Circle comes out from the babyface entrance.  Jericho has a big smile on his face as Ross reminds us of The Pinnacle's burial last week.  My opinion has not wavered one bit.  And now Le Champion kisses up to the Jacksonville crowd.  They're cheering wildly for the Circle. Oh my god, Jericho is apologizing to the fans for his behavior?  Seriously?  Apologizing.  And now he admits that MJF outsmarted him by being ready with the Pinnacle when the original attack went down.  Jericho implores the crowd to chant "swirly".  He calls MJF "lame" for checking the internet after every match to see what the sheets thought.  Isn't that, like, EXACTLY what AEW was built on.  Jericho, obviously, is delivering his material well.  The message is all wrong, the timing of this is all wrong.  Jericho promises the Inner Circle will form a Human Centipede out of the Pinnacle.  That's a horrifying thought. having seen all 3 movies.  May 5, 2021, we're getting Blood and Guts.  Nothing like the build up, eh?

Dasha Gonzalez is with Christian Cage.  He's got a world of praise for Frankie Kazarian.  Here comes Taz to recruit him.  He claims his guys can help bring Cage to the top.  Given how they've been booked thus far, I'd stay as far the hell away from that as humanly possible.  

We're about to find out what a Godzilla vs. Kong match is as Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy Jack Perry take on Heavy Mac...Bear Country.  Both guys are named "Bear", Boulder and Bronson.  These guys looked really impressive in the tag team battle royal at the last PPV.  I sooooo appreciate how the announcers have stopped telegraphing the Picture in Picture.  It keeps me engaged in the early part of the match.  What I really like about Jurassic Express matches is that Jungle Boy is young, he takes a beating and he sells almost as well as Ricky Morton (ANYONE who knows me knows that's mighty high praise).  The point I'm getting at is that Perry and Luchasaurus can go 50/50 with a team that's nowhere near the stars they are.  You know they're coming back and Jungle Boy is going to look like a star in doing so.  Bear Country just pulled off a double Cannonball in the corner off of a piggy back.  That was impressive.  Jurassic Express notch the win and a deal where Bear Country looked darn good.

QT Marshall is at the Nightmare Factory.  I like the talent that sided with QT (Solow, Cotomaro, and Ogogo- Ogogo looks and carries himself like a star).  QT gets the final word of "Cody, this is my Factory!" as Cotomoro throws a bucket of paint on Cody's symbol.  Great segment EXCEPT...Cotomoro missed the logo badly, as in not close.  This was pre recorded.  Do it over!  It looked bad.

Tony is VERY excited to introduced Sting.  Maybe this week, he'll finally get to say a word.  Here it comes Jake Roberts.  He asks where his little friend and Lance Archer comes out to argue AEW's agenda.  The World's going to pay attention to the Murderhawk Monster.  Sting grabs the mic and....TALKS.  Luckily Archer isn't running away.  Sting tells him to work really hard and he'll get on Dynamite.  Was the inference that Archer isn't good enough to be on TV.

Team Taz is in the back.  Literally that's it.  They got about 20 seconds of time.  I guess i'm happy they didn't get run off by Dasha or something like that.

TNT title match as Darby Allin defends against...JD Drake, who's in the dreaded "already in the ring" position.  Cezar Bonani and Ryan Nemeth are with Drake.  Does anyone, anyone at all, think Drake has a slight chance here?  Lope suicida by Allin.  I fear so much for his health when he does that.  Sting chases off Nemeth as JR gets his scalded dog reference.  Drake has a young CW Anderson feel about him.  Allin is making this good, but Frake has the dreaded "hell of a hand" look to him and this is where the quandary lies: everyone on Earth watching this knows for a fact that Allin is winning, which he does so with the coffin drop.  Drake doesn't have the look of a star and absolutely no way he was winning here.  This wasn't a spot for a competitive match.  Maybe do this on Dark or Elevation and get eyeballs in it.

The Matt Hardy stable attack Allin, which brings out the Dark Order.  Tay Conti and the Bunny brawl ahead of their match.

Alex Marvez is back with Chris Jericho and the Pinnacle attack him and beat him all the way to the ring.  Ahhhh...where's the rest of the Inner Circle? They're locked in their dressing room but, have no fear, Mike Tyson comes out to save Jericho.  Spears gets to do the honors of taking a few punches as the rest of the Inner Circle come out.  Jericho and Tyson hug it out.


Reba and Dr. Britt Baker are with Tony Schiavone.  Baker makes her intention of winning the AEW Women's title.  She's currently ranked 4th.


The Bunny vs. Tay Conti is up next and we're getting Butcher and Blade alongside Matt Hardy.  Negative 1 accompanies Tay and gets a BIG hug for his efforts.  Kid's got some serious game.  Bunny has the presence of a true star.  Tay is getting there but Bunny has mastered the art of what to do when the camera is on her.  AEW Champion Hikaru Shida comes out to cheer Tay on.  Bunny gets thrown out and totally decks Shida.  Shida gains a quick measure of revenge by pulling the kendo stick away, allowing Conti to hit the DDTay for the pin.  Negative 1 gets ANOTHER huge hug from Tay.  The force is strong with that one.

Two title matches set for next week: Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy and The Young Bucks vs. Penta el Zero and Pac.  Also we get Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill.  Hey, good luck to her.  I wish her the best...but poor Red Velvet.

Also signed for next week is Dax Harwood vs. Chris Jericho with Mike Tyson as the special enforcer.  Main event time as Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers take on the Young Bucks and Jon Moxley.  Callis will be joining the commentary booth.  Maybe it's only for singles action, but I miss Justin Roberts' over the top entrance announcement for Omega.  Lots of posturing early on.  This might be the first encounter tonight where the end result is in doubt.  That's a plus but I do question where they're going with this.  They've already had the big "Death Match" blow off with Omega and Moxley and they still haven't made the Good Brothers even close to credible, so there's nothing to really fire us up here.  Don't get me wrong, there real star power in this, but unless we're at the door of a surprise angle, it basically just a match.

Gallows is huge but doesn't wrestle like it.  He moves like a man 100 lbs lighter, which is great that he can do it but AEW is full of 195 lbers that can do it just as good if not better.  Matt Jackson refuses to superkick Omega.  Didn't they learn anything from Cody last week?  I'm guessing Death Triangle gets involved here to hype next week's tag title match.  The Bucks can't bring themselves to execute the BTE Trigger.  Moxley tags himself in and nails 2 Paradigm Shifts.  Bucks turn on Moxley with Superkicks and the Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer for the pin.  Hey, I was hoping for a good angle to take us home and I think I got it.  The  Good Brothers hold up Moxley and eats an unprotected double superkick.  We get a group hug to send us off the air.  Lots of questions as we look to the immediate future.

Thanks for reading.

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