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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-04-07 18:58:00

Southern Underground Pro “The Beat Goes On”

Taped 3/14/21

Now streaming on VOD

Back in March, SUP taped a few pieces of content. The second of these, the  “Incarnation Gauntlet” was a 14-person gauntlet with ever-changing wacky rules. It was awesome. You can check out my coverage on that here:

This is the third and final show they taped before their big Mania week show co-branded with Action Wrestling: “Have Fun, Be Sad”. This card looks stacked af (especially if you also follow my monthly coverage of ACTION Wrestling) but let’s see how it all plays out in the next 90 minutes. Dylan Hales & Johnny Mosely are your commentary team. 

Match 1: Nolan Edward vs Cabana Man Dan

CMD takes off his necklace. He is all business against No Flinch today, especially after his CLOSE loss to Allie Kat at “Are These Our Lives”. Trading some fast aggressive holds to start, Edward has to take the ropes to get some breathing room. CMD sends Nolan out and head scissors him, clanging his legs against the support beam. Nolan fires up with hard shots to the head and hands. Dan with a side Russian leg sweep and a mule kick, but only gets a one count off it. Trading cradle pins.  Nolan with that stiff axe kick, a back drop and uranage for two, how did CMD kick out of those falls. CMD dodges the first kamikaze headbutt, Nolan slips out of Surf’s Up and they wipe each other out on flying headbutts. OH GOD. Both staggered and trading shots to their feet. CMD traps the arm and fires forearm after forearm. Nolan with a springboard blue thunder bomb for two. Snake Eyes to the second buckle for another kick out. CMD will not die! Nolan runs into a boot and a slingshot code red. “WHAT THE F***” yells Dan as Nolan kicks out. Nolan wants a superplex, CMD fights it off and hits a super neckbreaker. Clubbing blows and a STO from CMD, Nolan pops the fingers, CMD with an up kick to the face. CMD catches the staggered Nolan Edward with a roll up and secures a hand on the tights as the ref hits three.

Winner: Cabana Man Dan

Great kickoff to this card. CMD was all aggression. Brett Ison tries to plead the case with the ref that CMD had the tight but Dan say “I wouldn’t do that.” Nolan asks what happened to his friend. “sorry you lost, pal”. This new attitude is ice cold and Nolan is furious with the result. 

Match 2: Kevin Ku (w/ Dominic Garrini) vs Effy

Effy doesn’t take his mask off so Ku puts his lucha mask back on as the bell rings and the wrestlers at ringside chat “LUCHA S***!”. This proves a problem for Ku, who cannot see out his mask too well. Ku pulls both their masks off and lands a stiff as hell chop to Effy. Ku wraps up the legs and delivers stomps, a surfboard and curbs him. OW. Ku sends him crashing with a shoulder block and stomps out all the limbs of Effy. Effy asks for another chop, ducks it and hits a flurry of chops and 10 pelvis thrusts to the chin of Ku. Ku tries to escape bu Effy chases him down with a backdrop to the apron. Camel clutch tries to humble the previously broken neck of Kevin Ku. Ku kicks out of a rollup but Effy bounces back with an Earthquake splash for two. Ku catches him running with a stiff kick to the gut and unloads a series of kicks and stomps to Effy’s head. Both to the apron and we’re trading kicks and chops, Ku pulls the leg and Effy crashes to the apron. They fight to the top, Effy with a neckbreaker that drops them both to the top turnbuckle and crashing to the floor. JEEEEEESUS. They both struggle back inside but Effy fires up with chops and a big back suplex for two. Ku picks the leg out and flips Effy into a half crab. Effy pulls out a condom, puts it over his hand and delivers a MAGNUM CLAW to Ku. WHAT. Ku fades and has to kick out several times. Effy hits a TKO and locks in a reverse dragon sleeper but Ku gets to the rope. Yakuza Kick into a leg ddt but Kevin Ku flips into a small package and Effy is counted out.

Winner: Kevin Ku

Some hellacious spot in this one. “OW THAT WAS REAL” screamed Effy, after a particularly stuff chop. These two went hard on each other. Great fight here. 

Match 3: Bitcoin Boiz (Eric Taylor & Mikey Montgomery) vs The Lost Boys (Chase Holliday & Hoodfoot Mo Atlas)

I hope the Bitcoin Boiz saw the Lost Boys match with KOBK 2 shows ago. They attack before the bell and battle to the floor. The Lost Boys takes control out there, drag them back in for the bell to sound and they are mugging Taylor in the corner with forearm and chops. Lariat/Senton/Headbutt combo but Taylor (perhaps unwisely) kicks out. Taylor tries to trade with Hoodfoot but that’s a bad move. We escapes a powerbomb to tag in Mikey, who comes in with the flurry of energy and blows for both Lost Boys. Mikey is cut off by a backbreaker/spin out boss man slam combo for a close two. Taylor cutting down Hoodfoot on the outside while Holliday works a superplex on Mikey. Mikey gets a powerbomb on Chase from the top for two. Hoodfoot eats a series of kicks to the head but Chase recovers to hit a flying knee to Taylor. Mikey with a kick, Chase with a rebound lariat. Hoodfoot’s had enough and throws Mikey into Chase’s waiting powerbomb-ready arms for the pin.

Winners: The Lost Boys

The Bitcoin Boiz are showing they have heart with every one of these showings but boy, have they had some ROUGH draws on the card recently. The Lost Boys were all big moves and big fight here and probably got more competition from the Boiz than they thought. Good stuff. 

 Match 4: “The Mack of All Trades” AC Mack vs Allie Kat

A year ago, AC Mack had 2 belts. Now he has zero and he’s MAD about that. He’s upset that his chance to recapture the SUP Bonestorm title was a triple threat. He’s upset he has to fight Allie Kat now. As always, Mack announces himself and it’s gold every time. Allie Kat outworks him right away, with a cartwheel basement dropkick, throwing him into every turnbuckle. Mack has to hot shot her on the top rope to make space and hit a neckbreaker. Mack continues to work the neck but keeps getting distracted to yell at Dylan Hales: “Is THIS what you give me???” Mack with a hand full of hair to land some flush uppercuts. Mack is still complaining about the triple threat and Kat has another life, firing up with strikes and a huge senton. Mack with a throat thrust as Kat comes in. Mack with the slingshot into the bottom rope. Mack comes running and eats an earthquake splash from the corner. Allie with a corner cannonball for two! She goes for the p**** piledriver, Mack’s out, Kat with a northern lights suplex.....Mack’s out at two but Kat is whimpering on the apron after all the damage her neck has taken through this. Mack stalking her and hits a draping DDT to the floor. Mack tries to take the count out but Kat makes it back by 9. Mack tries the Mack-10 but Kat  with a jackknife pin for two! Mack gets in the ref’s face andtries the backwards low blow that has gotten him a dirty win several times before....this doesn’t work for obvious reasons. Kat with a rocky DVD for a two count as her neck is giving out. Kat tries to get at Mack in the corner but Mack pushes her off with a handful of his shirt and runs in to hit the Mack-10 for the pin.

Winner: AC Mack

Awesome. Kat is really trying to put Mack away here but AC is all ego and constantly looking past her to state his grievances over the state of what he feels should be HIS Bonestorm championship. Yeah, just watch this one.

Match 5: Adam Priest vs “THE TRUTH” AJ Gray

Speaking of the Bonestorm championship, this will be a non-title contest between champ AJ Gray and the 2021 HOSS tournament winner Adam Priest. Scrambling and warring in the graps to start, Priest holds his own but has to go to the ropes early. Gray works the arm and shoulder while Priest is trying to pick the leg. Priest tags with some back elbows, shoots Gray to the outside, a pair of tope suicida dives send Gray crashing into the bar top. Priest with a frog splash to the back! IS IT OVER JUST LIKE THAT??? Two count! Big german bridge pin! Kick out! Gray is pissed now, landing some stiff kicks and chops to tenderize Priest. Big vertical suplex and a two count. Priest back with a northern lights for two. Brainbuster for another close call. Gray landing shots to set up a powerbomb, Priest picks the leg again but Gray is ready for it with a spinebuster and powerbomb for two. Priest dodges the big lariat, double chop to the throat and a piledriver.....KICK OUT! Priest wants that sharpshooter, Gray rolls through and hits that lariat. Priest is folder up and down for the three count. 

Winner: AJ Gray

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone watching his rise lately but WOW, PRIEST BROUGHT THE BIG FIGHT TO THE MOTHERF****** TRUTH. This was so good.

Match 6: Dominic Garrini (w/ Kevin Ku) vs Derek Neal

Neal is down to the ring with a big strap and goes swinging it at Ku. Dom quickly wraps up the leg and Neal gets the rope. Dom is clearly superior at grappling but Neal is smart enough to know where he is and get that break before he’s in too much trouble. Neal with a headlock takedown but Garrini reverses it almost immediately into a sick body triangle. Ku trying to goad Neal into Dom’s guard. Dom takes the kimura but Neal rolls out into a front face lock. Dom reverses it but Neal hits a gutwrench side suplex that stuns him. Dom is sick of the graps and we’re trading shoulder blocks, until Neal hits a big one. Neal wants a second but Dom arm drags him into a cross arm breaker. Neal to the rope. Dom is mad at all these rope breaks. Neal hits Dom flush on the chin, big chops and a back suplex for two. Neal landing some closed fists to the nose before whipping Garrini HARD to the buckles. Dom convulsing as he rolls to the outside and Neal waits out the count. Dom nursing his back as he makes the count. Neal stomping out the hands and feet of Dom, who is being physically dissected by the larger man. Big northern lights suplex for two, Garrini transitions to a guillotine but Neal rakes the eyes. Dom fires back up as they are throwing bombs at each other. Dom dumps Neal on his head for a two count. This may be the third show in this building on this taping and the folks at ringside are ALIVE for this violence. Neal eating chest kicks like chips as he rises to his feet to trade wild aggressive shots. Neal with a flurry into a STO for a near fall. Dom with a powerbomb for two into an ankle lock but we get another rope break. These guys are firing up trading lariats but they refuse to go down. Dom with a pop-up lariat takes Neal down for the two. Dom wants the piledriver but Neal backdrops out. Neal with a knee to the face and Dom crumbles. Kick out at 2.9. Neal going for the finish but Manders’ music hits and Neal is waiting for the interference. Dom gets to hit feet and runs into lock in a rear naked choke. Neal quickly passes out. 

Winner: Dominic Garrini

This was realllllllllly good. I knew the Manders storyline would PROBABLY lead to a tainted win for Dom but everything before that? Fantastic. These two went out there to kick the crap out of each other. Mission accomplished. Would LOVE to see this run back sometimes. 

Main Event: “Number One” Jaden Newman vs “Kill or Be Killed” Brett Ison

Jaden has a chance here.....but it’s gonna be a HARD FIGHT to kill the Pitbull. Newman comes in hard but Ison isn’t challenged in this lockup. Newman prefaces him and tells Ison to stop PLAYING with him. Ison comes in, gets rana’d, armdragged to the outside and dove into the bar. Jaden tries to follow up but Ison hits a uranage to the apron. Newman is screaming in pain for his shoulder and barely makes the 10count back into the ring. Ison throwing slaps and jabs, Newman showing some fight but Ison hits a snap suplex for two. Newman firing up with 20+ chops that Ison smiles through. Ison with a punch to the face and a backbreaker. Newman completely freaking out as he wills his back and shoulder to life. Ison with repeated knees to the face. Ison tries to tell Newman to quit but Newman gets a chicken wing that sends Ison to the outside. Ison gets Newman’s limbs and wrecks them into the ring post. Ison crushing with headbutts and forearms to Newman, who refuses to stop moving forward. “Just give this up” says Ison. Newman back to life and hits a trio of dropkicks, a big boot and a knee off the top rope. Newman fights to roll Ison over for the two count. Newman wants a cravat but Ison slaps it away and hits a back suplex. Newman comes running into a back elbow and a saito suplex for another two. Ison is getting tired, from the sheer amount of energy he’s had to expel beating on this man. Ison looking for Street Justice but Newman slips out with a cravat suplex and a springboard crossbody for two. Newman tries a springboard cutter but Ison lands a knee square into the injured back. He grabs the arm and torques it back, Newman can only quit.

Winner: Brett Ison

HEY KID WANNA SEE A MURDER? Ison clearly didn’t want to beat up on Newman THAT bad but Jaden wouldn’t back down. This was brutal throughout, with Ison’s stiff AF arsenal and Jaden’s incredible selling. Ison checks on Newman after the bell, who is holding his arm and whimpering at the defeat. Ison commands him to get up and offers a rare handshake. He tells Jaden he’s always respected him but he just needs to believe in himself. Jaden takes the handshake as we go off air.

And that’s it for “The Beat Goes On”. So yeah, I’m been pretty positive about all three of these SUP shows, for good reason. The energy of these cards are through the roof. Every match was trying to one-up everything else done that day but these last 3 matches on the card were must-see for me. Wow. Excellent content from Southern Underground Pro, who will be co-promoting a show with ACTION Wrestling this Friday at 11am, “Have Fun, Be Sad”, as part of IWTV’s Showcase of the Independents. I’ve be watching live, will you? Spoiler: You probably SHOULD. Until then!

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