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By Eric Denton on 2021-04-07 09:40:00

Young Rock on NBC - “Johnson & Hopkins”

The Straight Line with Randall Park” 

DWayne finds himself in a bit of a controversy over the picking of Gen. Jackson as his running mate due to her “humor column” in the West Point student paper. The Rock says that she was fully vetted and despite her attempts at humor she is still his partner. He doesn’t turn his back on his partners as “Hopkins taught him that one”.

Miami 1991 -

Dwayne recaps his Freshman year struggles and he returns to the locker room and meets new teammate Warren Sapp (future NFL Hall of Famer) introduces himself while Dwayne is on the bench press. Sapp says he’s going to break his press record and they enter into a friendly competition. 

Rocky Johnson and Ata are excited for his return and they are watching his practice tapes.

In the tape room with Coach Orgeron, Dwayne is going over tape where he sees a slide of his grades. Coach says Dwayne must volunteer on campus to keep his scholarship.

Lia Maivia returns to the U.S. after being  deported and homeless in Samoa. The Rock says he found a loophole and was able to get her U.S. citizenship.

Dwayne goes to the security office to volunteer and he meets Hopkins (who is not happy to have a partner). They’re in charge of checking the campus phones. Hopkins says they don’t have to check the phones and can just watch movies until it’s time to sign out from their shift. 

Back in the dorm, they’re watching First Blood.  Dwayne is worried they’ll be caught not doing their job. Hopkins assures him it’s fine and they debate Sly vs Arnold.

Lia moves in with Rocky and Ata. Ata says she is throwing her a welcome home BBQ this weekend. Lia thinks it’s stupid Dewey doesn’t get paid to play football.

Back in the dorm, we get a montage of action movie greatest hits that Dwayne & Hopkins watch. They get back to the office and find out the head of quality control Amanda Chavez is going to check the phones herself which sends the office into a panic since they’re all slacking off.  Johnson & Hopkins use what they’ve learned watching movies to make sure they can check all the phones before she does. We get a montage to Holding Out For A Hero.

The wrestlers are at the BBQ and all aew very happy to see Lia. Macho Man shows off the Lamborghini he bought with his “Slim Jim” money.   Lia thinks she failed the family since High Chief Peter Maivia’s promotion closed. The wrestlers tell her this is nonsense. She didn’t fail, she treated them all like family and she made sure they succeeded in the business. 

Back on campus, Johnson & Hopkins are one phone away from beating Chavez to all the phones. As they’re about to take off for the last one Hopkins is hit by a bicyclist and his leg is injured. Hopkins tells Johnson to go without him because he can’t lose his scholarship. Johnson says you can’t lose this job because he wouldn’t be able buy a Sega Genesis. Johnson carries Hopkins across campus.

They find a golf cart to get to the last phone but after they make it they realize there is one left in the student center where Chavez went to have a break. Dwayne runs there and finds out the phone is broken. They use their walkie talkies to coach Dwayne through repairing the phone in a “defuse the bomb” type of scene. Dwayne is able to fix it just before Chavez is able to check it. 

The Rock tells Randall that’s where he learned how that having his partner’s back is important.

Cut to Gen. Jackson with Park saying that The Rock showed true leadership and the situation reminded her of how much she enjoyed writing comedy for the paper and she presents a “Top 10 list” as the show fades....

Young Rock airs Tuesday night at 8 pm on NBC or On Demand.

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