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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-08 09:30:00

IndependentWrestling.TV will be live streaming and hosting a number of events featuring promotions that are carried on their streaming service over the course of Wrestlemania 37 weekend in Tampa, Florida.   All of the live events as well as additional taped programming and IWTV's archives are available to all IWTV subscribers.  IWTV is priced at $9.99 per month.

All of the events are being held at 81Bay Brewing Company in Tampa.  For tickets to attend the shows live, click here.

IWTV's schedule of events today will feature:

Thurs 4/8  - 12 PM EST  IWTV presents Family Reunion Part 1 

*IWTV Independent Champion Lee Moriarty vs. Cassandro Cup Winner Edith Surreal.
*IWA Mid-South Champion Jake Crist vs. John Wayne Murdoch.
*Gary Jay vs. Billie Starkz
*Wheeler Yuta vs. Adam Priest
*Daniel Makabe vs. Jaden Newman
*Johnny Butabi & James C & D-Rogue vs. Funnybone & Nurse Ratchet & Super Beast.
*Will Wrestle vs. Judge Hugo Lexington Black.     
Thurs 4/8 - 3 PM EST  - IWTV presents Family Reunion Part 2        
*New Texas Pro Champion Mysterious Q vs. Ryan Davidson.
*New South Heavyweight Champion Cabana Man Dan vs. Derek Neal.
*C*4 Champion Daniel Garcia vs. Kevin Ku.
*A Very Good Professional Wrestling Team vs. Downey's Irish Drinking Team.
*Bryan Keith vs. Alex Kane.
Thurs 4/8 - 8:00 PM EST ICW No Hold Barred Volume 11: Then And Now        
*Jon Davis vs. Dom Garrini.
*Dan Maff vs. Calvin Tankman.
*Justin Kyle vs. Bruce Santee.
*Jake Crist vs. Nolan Edward.
*The Rejects vs. New Jack & The Carnage Crew.

Thursday 4/8· 11:59 PM EST No Peace Underground    
*Tony Deppen vs. Jake Something
*Casanova Valentine vs. Mad Man Pondo with Guest Referee Markus Crane    

IWTV will also premiere the following taped content today:

6 PM - AIW Go For Broke.

7 PM - Documentary - The Life of A Very Good Professional Wrestler.

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