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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-23 10:03:00

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How can you think The Rock is as qualified as Donald Trump to be President?  Look at all of the money that Trump made.

I counter, Look at all of the money The Rock has made.  Plus, Trump had at least 100 million dollars to start with, from his father.  Rock made all of his money on his own.

I saw Undertaker say that The Rock as President could unify the country.  Do you agree?  What party is The Rock?

Second question first, I have no idea what party Rock is.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all to me.  I am Centrist Independent, I vote for who I believe is the best candidate.  With that said, I do think Rock could definitely have a chance at unifying the country for the reason you mentioned, what’s his party?  A lot of people don’t know, so they won’t automatically love or hate him him, at least not until they find out what he would run as.  If he could start getting his message out before it came time to declare for a primary, who knows what he could achieve.  Too many people vote for the party over the candidate. Maybe as an outsider, people wouldn’t automatically be polarized to love or hate him him, just due to his party. It would be nice if we could change that.

So a talent tweets that his engagement to another talent has ended.  Then he ends the tweet asking everyone to respect his privacy.  Wouldn't it be easier to keep it private if he didn't tweet it publicly? I don't see any good reason why we needed the announcement.

I had the exact same reaction.  I didn't get it either.  If I wanted to keep something private, I would, well, keep it private.

What is going on with the NWA?  They have apparently not shut down permanently, but we see their wrestlers leaving because their contracts are up, or some still under contract are showing up in other places such as AEW.  Seems like if they open again, they will be without a bunch of their stars.

It’s hard to run shows when there is a pandemic and there is no revenue source in place.  They would have to pay talent, pay a building and run shows with chance at even drawing a gate.  It’s a guaranteed money loser if they do it, so I can see why they are not.

I was reading one of your Q&A and you said that Heel and Baby Face turns were done more often due to storylines needing to be faster paste witch got me wondering has Randy Orton ever actually been a babyface? I can't remember him ever being babyface even back in the "attitude era" he was a Heel.

Recently, no, but a decade or so ago, he did turn face when he left Legacy.  But most of the time, he has been a heel.

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