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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-21 10:00:00

What is so award winning and critically acclaimed about the ThunderDome?  What awards did they win?

The one I remember them winning was the SPORTEL Award for Virtual Fan Experience last fall.  As for critically acclaimed, I said a lot of positive things about it so if no one else did, they can always cite me.

Really enjoy the Young Rock show that is going on and I hear talk that Dwayne Johnson might take a serious run for the White House down the road.  Is that just him talking like that for publicity for the show or is that something he is honest to God at least considering doing at some point?  I normally can tell when something like this might be a work or a shoot but I figure if ANY ex-wrestler has a chance to do it, and you had a guy like Jesse Ventura becoming a governor,  The Rock has the personality to get in and quite possibly the fan base to do it! This has me kind of scratching my head on it though.  Hope you can put me right on it one way or the other.

I can’t, no.  Only The Rock knows what his plans are, or aren’t.  But from what I know about him, as a man, a person, the way he carries himself and his intelligence, I would absolutely consider voting for him and probably would vote for him, barring any political positions he has that I have never heard about.  My choice in candidates are usually intelligence and decency first, and he has both of those attributes.  Plus, I think he is as qualified as either of the other two Presidents that came out of entertainment to the Oval Office in my lifetime.

What would the reaction be if WWE NXT had no women's matches and just men's matches nowadays?

It depends on the person reacting.  To me, it would be “Have they lost their damn minds?”  Their women’s roster is loaded.  You don’t wast an asset like that.

Do you think Ronda Rousey could beat up James Ellsworth or Drake Maverick?  Do you think Ronda could take Conor McGregor (absolutely not Brock Lesnar) in a shoot?   

This is the question that will no die, and Eps and I talked a lot about it on Saturday’s FMB for those interested.  Here’s the deal.  Are there men that Ronda could beat in a shoot fight?  Absolutely.  I am one of them.  The point is, Brock is a trained fighter and has probably 130 pounds on her.  No matter how good she is as a fighter, he is just as good and has superior size and strength.  It would take a perfect strike for her to beat him.  With smaller and/or less talented men, she could use her judo and MMA skills and beat some of them.  It’s just about the strength, size and power when it comes to her vs. Brock.  He knows she would try to get him in the arm bar to beat him and he would block that.  She just isn’t strong enough to block his offense.

Were you OK with Chyna beating up Jeff Jarrett in 1999?   Were you okay with Nia Jax hanging with the men in the 2019 Royal Rumble?

I am not a big fan of women fight against men on the whole.  If it’s going to happen, I think it needs to be someone who has the size to be believable against a man.  In the case of Chyna and Nia, they have that.  And just for the record, I have problems believing small MEN can beat up larger men, so it’s all about the size difference to me.

Were you OK with Ronda Smacking Triple H around at Wrestlemania 34, where the hottest babyface on the show on the biggest wrestling show of the year sizes up one of the top heels and kicks his ass even if the top heel has a huge size advantage... but The roof blew off for that entire exchange in the match.

See, that is different.  That wasn’t a match or a fight, it was a moment.  I don’t really love it, since I wouldn’t want to see, say, babyface Adam Pearce punch, say, heel Carmella.  I have to be fair.  If it’s OK for Ronda to slug HHH, and I think it would be wrong for Pearce to slug Carmella, I can’t tell you I want to see inter-gender violence in wrestling but if it’s going to be done, I just don’t ever want to see a big man hitting a small woman.  That would creep me out.

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