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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-22 10:00:00

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First off, thank you, you’re my morning and evening paper (dating myself there)!  My question is regarding Sting.  I was thrilled to see him pop up in AEW on TNT with JR and TS doing the call, it was incredible.  All that evaporated this past Tuesday when not only did he get power-bombed, it looked rough the way he landed, not a botch, but...damn!  My question is, why?!?!  I get wanting to go out on your shield ala The Undertaker, his way on his terms, but there’s a difference between going out on it and being carried out on it.  Again, I get wanting to do it, but that’s what backstage people with common sense are there for, to protect the athletes from themselves.  But it killed the story dead for me when I saw it.  Your thoughts and/or opinion?  Be well and stay warm!

It’s funny you say that because it was my exact same reaction when I watched him get splattered on the ring.  He is a month away from being 62 years old and I just don’t get what a senior citizen gets out of taking bumps.  I am a few years younger than him and I feel the aches and pains of my younger (dumber) years.  The thought of taking a basic move like a powerslam?  No way.  If Sting were 52, OK I can get it I guess.  But at 62?  It just seems like way more can go wrong than right to me.  I hope nothing goes wrong but like you, I cringe when I see a guy his age taking bumps.  The makeup can hid his face but it doesn’t make his body any younger.  Plus, I still remember him getting hurt years ago working with Seth Rollins.  And thanks for the kind words, luckily I am pretty warm here in Las Vegas!  Be well and stay warm yourself.

What is the point of AEW continually talking about rankings when they constantly do tournaments and battle royals to determine number one contenders?

I guess they feel it adds something to the presentation.  But you make a good point.

A barbed wire exploding death match?  I thought AEW was supposed to be sports-like?

That was definitely what they said at the start but as time has gone on it’s pretty clear they are regular professional wrestling most of the time.  In this case, they are going into the way back machine, back to the 90s.  While I am interested in seeing how they can pull it off, I have to say that given what we know about blood borne diseases, plus being in a pandemic, I think it’s really irresponsible to use actual barbed wire.  I hope they use fake stuff.

My question is where do you see the future of the NWA going? Power was a very enjoyable show to watch and to follow and it seemed to have a decent audience built up and then the pandemic took place and they did a terrible job giving updates on whether they would return or not. I know the plan to bring Power back at some point this year, but how do you feel they will handle it and would it be able to have that same kind of momentum it had when it started in 2019? To be honest, I don't know if they will be able to find that same kind of demand for that product at this rate. Do you see Nick Aldis possibly having a run in AEW feuding with Cody again for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship? It's just sad that we are hardly seeing Aldis work a lot recently.

Here’s the thing, even before the pandemic they didn’t have a huge revenue source.  Without a good TV deal, there is only so much that they can generate.  I honestly don’t know what their long term future is but without a good TV deal, or a merger with another company, I don’t know how they will generate the revenue they need to be successful.

Do you feel that with AEW working with promotions such as Impact and New Japan shows that aren't trying to monopolize wrestling unlike WWE?

No, I don’t think it shows that at all.  I think it just shows that they are looking for mutual relationships that they feel will benefit their brand.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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